Crown King Scuttle – Lather Insights

The Crown King Scuttle Overview The Crown King Scuttle is a chambered, porcelain vessel with a textured interior that aids in lather production.  The general concept is that the lower chamber can be filled with hot tap water, then the shaver can bowl lather as they would normally [...]

By | 25 March 2016|

Stirling Scots Pine – Sheep Shave

Stirling Scots Pine Sheep Shave Pre-shave Thoughts After a bit of spring cleaning at Anthronicle with several new features added to the site including our Shaving Soap Ingredients archive, Shave Blog Directory, and Shaving Headlines Service, I am excited to be back to working on Shave Experience articles. [...]

By | 18 March 2016|

Shave Experience 2.0

Shave Experience 2.0 The Evolution of the Shave Experience After recently passing our one year anniversary in February of 2016 at and with nearly 70 Shave Experience articles published, I've decided to take a hard look at our Shave Experience process and format. Over a year ago, launched with content transcribed from [...]

By | 14 March 2016|

Announcing our Shaving Headlines Service

Shaving Headlines Service With our recent release of the Shaving Blog Directory, we decided to craft a page where the latest headlines from these listings would be aggregated for all to access in one simple place.  This new feature we are calling the Shaving Headlines Service.  The page pulls the most [...]

By | 3 March 2016|

Shaving Blog Directory

Shaving Blog Directory We've been on a mission to discover websites writing about wet shaving.  The end game was to compile a register of every shaving blog on the web.  Our results thus far are cataloged below in our Shaving Blog Directory.  This listing includes the website title with a link [...]

By | 26 February 2016|

Soap Commander Passion – Aromatic Wood

Soap Commander Passion Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave is an old classic to me.  I've been enjoying Soap Commander Passion shaving soap for awhile now.  In fact, it was one of the first artisan shaving soaps that I picked up when I was first getting started with exploring DE shaving. [...]

By | 19 February 2016|

Shaving Soap Ingredients – Lather Insights

Shaving Soap Ingredients Often when we are making the decision to purchase a new shaving soap, we tend take a look at the shaving soap ingredients list for a better understanding of soap composition.  Of course, we've also picked-up plenty of soaps without much scrutinizing over the ingredients.  We're suckers for [...]

By | 12 February 2016|