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First DE Shave – There Will Be Blood

Pre-shave Thoughts:
Here are some notes going into my first DE shave. After a bit of online research, I decided to give the classic safety razor a try. The upsides of better results, value, and experience all made it quite easy for me to make the change. Of course, the years of tradition and rich history didn’t hurt either. I purchased an Edwin Jagger DE safety razor and a pack of blades from Amazon for my first DE shave. Here goes nothing…

Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin
Personna Lab Blue Double Edge Razor Blades
Kiehl’s Brushless Shave Cream
Semogue 1250 Boar Brush
Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Aftershave Tonic

Post-Shave Thoughts:
A fair outcome for my first DE shave. I accomplished three passes, with, across, and against the four days of whisker growth. This resulted in several nicks, or more along the lines of out right cuts. Yes, there is blood. Lots of it. I didn’t have high expectations for my first DE shave.

I didn’t even use the brush, just stuck to my timeless technique of smearing on the cream and giving it a rub into my skin as suggested on the label. Didn’t even use water. I’d done this many times before with my cartridge razor. It seemed to work alright with a single pass. It never even dawned on me to try to get a better shave. It was always good enough, for a few hours… Back to the cream, I think the resultant cuts were caused mainly by my poor technique and the cream drying out quickly. The cream also seemed to create a whisker tempered concrete within the crevasses of the razor itself. In the end, the razor seemed to skip around my face resulting in blood.

I had to really focus on maintaining the correct angle with my razor. I felt myself often moving too fast, losing the angle, then bleeding. It sometimes felt like the razor was stuck on the hairs, I’d pull/tug, not good. The cream seemed dry out over the time it took me to complete my first DE shave. Not smooth and slick for the long run. That is probably my own fault for taking my sweet time and not using much water. Maybe once I have this down, I’ll come back to Kiehl’s White Eagle. After all, it’s my old stand by, and I’ve really liked it up to this point.

I really don’t have much to say about the EJ DE89 razor and Personna blades other than awkward. I think that is to be expected for my first DE shave. I suppose I may have more to say about them in the coming days of shave.

On the upside, I did get a close shave. After all,this is my first DE shave. This is probably the closest shave of my life. Really every part of my face and neck are smoother than any shave I can remember with my cartridge razor. I’m looking forward to trying some new soaps that I have on order. Maybe I will employ my brush when they arrive. If feels good to have my first DE shave under my belt. Accomplishment.

A special thanks to Nick Shaves on YouTube. I watched a few of his videos going into this and it really seemed to help. Check him out for his reviews and technique videos.  Short, well organized, and informative.

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