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Raw Face – 2nd Attempt at DE Shaving

My face is tender, still recovering from yesterday’s first DE shave. A better description might be a raw face. No open wounds, but some clear nicks throughout. I nicked a mole I have on my raw face yesterday and need to try to avoid that in today’s effort. I need to remember to focus on technique, razor angle and a slow pass. I have one day of growth. Hoping this turns out a better experience.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin
Personna Lab Blue Razor Blade
Nivea Sensitive Shave Gel
Semogue 1250 Boar Brush
Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Aftershave Tonic
Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Overall, a better shave than yesterday. My face is still pretty raw. Yes, a raw face. I think I need to be patient an just build up a “tolerance” to the DE shaving trauma, if there is such a thing. I did the same three passes and got a close shave, but not as close as yesterday. Still to tender. I was almost afraid to shave today. Fun, right?

The shave resulted in less wounds today, but unfortunately, I nicked my mole again. It’s a bleeder. I’m also having a bit of trouble under my now, resulting in nicks, and my neck is the most sensitive part of my fave. It’s just plain chapped.

The Nivea Sensitive Gel seemed to work better than the Kiehl’s White Eagle Cream I used yesterday. A little more slick and didn’t dry out as fast. I still did not use the brush, just smeared the gel around until it foamed. A decent lather, but nothing like I see on the TSE – Traditional Shaving Evangelist YouTube shave soap lather videos. It just seems foamy. No real creamy slickness I hear talked about and definitely not a “yogurt” consistency. I think the gel did dry my face out, and it lost it’s slickness after one pass. Not a great experience with the razor, but less tugging. Perhaps this is due to shorter hairs after only one day of growth.

The Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm feels good and I like the fresh, mild scent. I’m not sure with the Kiehl’s Tonic is doing much other than tightening my face up. Let’s hope they both help heal my raw face.

To sum it up, I still need to slow down and watch my razor angle. Hoping my face heals fast. Hey, at least I’m not bleeding as much as yesterday’s . I feel good about my second attempt, but in the end, I have a raw face.

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