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Shave Rating System – Number Munchers

I felt like I needed to come up with some kind of way to objectively rate my shave results so that I could compare between shaves.  So, I have devised a shave rating system that might help.  I guess it is not all that necessary, but I found myself trying to rank my shaves, then trying to assign numbers, but without much thought.  I’ve decided to go with the simple system below and will provide a shave rank for my daily shaves in the future.

Closeness (1-5)

5 – Face smooth when rubbed in any direction

4 – Face smooth with an across growth, but not against growth

3 – Face smooth with growth only

2 – Face not smooth to touch, but appears shaven

1 – Face not smooth to touch, stubble/whiskers apparent


Irritation (1-5)

5 – No irritation

4 – Minor irritation after shave, dissipates with the application of balm or shortly after shaving ceases

3 – Minor irritation that linger for half the day

2 – Minor irritation that lasts all day long

1 – Razor burn visible


Wounds (1-5)

5 – No wounds

4 – Small weepers only

3 – Three or less small nicks, but larger than weepers

2 – Four to six small nicks

1 – Get the first-aid kit


So for every Daily Shave, I will now assign a rating from this shave rating system for each of these categories.  Then, sum and divide by three for an overall shave rating.  Should be fun.  It should look something like this:

Shave Rating System

Closeness = 4

Irritation = 3

Wounds = 3

Overall = 3.33


I know this is not all that scientific and there are much more elaborate ways to devise a rating system that would likely give more accurate results.  That said, this is just for me to use to help compare my shaves.  Feel free to use it if you like it.  Certainly tweak it and build on the shave rating system to suit your needs.

I was inspired by this article from Shave Like Grandad when I wrote my shave rating system.  It’s a simplified version of what I read there.

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