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Real Shave Soap and First Shave Brush

A real shave soap is used toady, and finally I get to use my Semogue 1250 boar brush. I decided to pick up some WSP Fougere Noir after watching Nick Shaves Lather Review. Hopefully they will provided me with some relief. My face is raw, dry and irritated to start. My wounds are still healing from the past couple days of shaving. Must press onward.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin
Personna Lab Blue Razor Blade (3rd shave)
Wet Shaving Products Fougere Noir
Semogue 1250 Boar Brush
Nivea Sensative Post Shave Balm

Only able to complete two passes this time, both with the growth of my whiskers. I had a couple of weepers open up on my chin and upper lip. Thankfully I did not reinjury any of the old healing wounds. Thankfully I missed my mole today, but just barely. My facial skin is raw and red. It burns. I’m not sure if it is is the soap of if my skin is just so irritated that anything would burn it.

As for my first use of real shave soap and a shaving brush, it worked out alright. I like WSP Fougere Noir, I think for my first real shave soap, at least. Comparing it to gel in a can and some brushless cream I have used, it is so much more slick,and the lather is abundant. I was able to load the brush with what I thought would be enough product with ease. I whipped up a decent lather on my face and the scent is great. A rich earthy smell that is both clean and a little cologne-like. I like it.  A real shave soap,  but boy did it burn. I think my face is just irritated. I attempted to do a touch-up after my two passes and there was barely enough lather left in the bush to achieve it. I think I will load it with a little more product next time. The scent dissipated fairly quickly which I liked. As I don’t want to have a heavy mix of scents on me after I finish with the process.

I think my Personna blade has had enough. It seems to just by dragging across my face.  I will change it out with something new for next time I shave.  My face really needs to heal.  Even though I had a pretty severe burn while using the real shave soap, I think it offered better protection and slickness than anything I have used before.  I hope it pays off.

Shave Rating System

Closeness = 4

Irritation = 3

Wounds = 3

Overall = 3.33

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