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Best Shave Yet from New Soap and Blade

Going easy on yesterday’s shave really took the edge off.  This could be my best shave yet. My facial skin is feeling pretty good right about now.  My neck is still a little raw, but that is to be expected considering it is my most sensitive part what I shave.  Overall, I’m feeling good and hoping that my new Soap Commander shave soap can give me my best shave yet.


Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin

Crystal “Israeli Personna” Razor Blade

Soap Commander Passion

Semogue 1250 Boar Brush

Barber Alum Block

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm


I was able to work two solid passes, one with the growth and another across the growth.  Then, I did some touch up to finish it off.  The result:  Best Shave Yet!

I finished with a couple of weepers from the more sensitive areas of my face, but no nicks and I didn’t cut my mole this time.  By the end of my best shave to date my face did not burn and I had a nice close, smooth shave.

It could have been the soap.  The Soap Commander Passion shave soap was outstanding.  My face lather was thick and rich, the best I’ve had yet.  Easy to load the brush from the great container the soap comes in and I had plenty of creamy, slick lather to last the whole shave through.  The scent was wonderfully mild earth/woods scent with a bit of spice.  I didn’t think it lingered too much after the shave, but my girlfriend commented that I smelled like an old highschool boyfriend of hers…  I wonder if he was a wet shaver???  But I digress.  Soap Commander makes a great product that I really like.  I just had my best shave yet.  I like it!

The new Crystal “Israeli Personna” blade performed well.  The act of shaving was smooth and I felt like I got a close shave with little to no irritation.  A much better experience from the previous shaves.  I think my face may be toughening up a bit.  It will be interesting to revisit the Personna “Lab Blue” later on to see how it compares.

Shave Rating System

Closeness = 4

Irritation = 4

Wounds = 4

Overall = 4 (Best Shave yet!)

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