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Feather Blade Bleeders – Ouch!

I think I’m ready to take on the Feather blade.  I’m going into this shave feeling pretty darn confident.  My face feels healthy, little to no irritation on my usually sensitive neck.  Let’s do this…



Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin Safety Razor

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Coated Razor Blade

Cella Crema Da Barba Shaving Cream/Soap

Semogue 1250 Boar Brush

Barber Alum Block

Clubman Pinaud Styptic Pencil – Jumbo

Nivea Original Post Shave Balm


I am humbled.  After two passes with the Feather blade, one with the stubble growth, one across the stubble growth, and a little touch-up, I managed to cut myself four times.  I don’t mean a little weeper here or there in a tough to reach spot.  I’m talking about bleeders, blood tinted lather.  Ouch!  The Feather blade seems to be unforgiving, yet it was sharp and smooth the whole way through.  No dragging, tugging, pulling, etc.  I just ended up with several cuts.  I realize that my technique needs some work. Perhaps I went too far, too soon.

The Cella shave soap is not to blame here.  I was able to load up my Semogue 1250 with ease from the tub the soap came in.  The lather was big and creamy.  I noted that my face was very slick throughout the shave and there was plenty of lather to last the duration.

The scent of the Cella shave soap was a almost sickeningly sweet cherry-almond fragrance.  It was very strong and at times I felt it was somewhat overpowering.  Perhaps I’m not much for the food scented soaps out there.  There seems to be a big following for this soap and I can see why considering it’s outstanding performance.  But, for me, the scent was just too much.  Thankfully it dissipated after the shave, but not quickly enough.  I must add that the post shave felt luxurious.  Considering the damage I did to my mug with the Feather blade, I think it might have been far worse with a lesser soap.  My face felt soft. slick, and supple after the shave, nicks not withstanding.

Considering the bleeders that I opened up across my face with the Feather blade, I had to break out the Clubman styptic pencil for each, then followed up with a dose of alum all around. Thankfully, I did not need to break out the first-aid kit with this shave.


Shave Rating System

Closeness = 4

Irritation = 3

Wounds = 2

Overall =3  This was a rough one.

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