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Good Shave – Feather Blade Comeback

I was humbled yesterday after using a Feather blade for the first time.  In today’s shave needs to be a good shave.  I need a comeback.  I need to keep it slow and focus on my technique.  I know the Feather blade is top quality and I’ve heard after one shave they can get better.  Let’s see if I can get a good shave result this time.



Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin Safety Razor

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Coated Razor Blade (2nd shave)

Pre de Provence French Shave Soap

Semogue 1250 Boar Brush

Clubman Pinaud Styptic Pencil – Jumbo

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm


This was a good shave, nice and close.  The razor glided over my flesh with ease.  OK, I’m impressed.  This is one of the closest shaves I have had to date, and it was easy.  I finished the shave with two passes, one with the whisker growth, and another across the stubble.  Then a little bit of touch-up.  I opened up a previous wound from yesterday that was on the edge of my upper lip.  Nothing bad, but a little weeping.  Everywhere else was solid.  What a change from yesterday’s horror show.

The Pre de Provence shave soap was pleasant.  It is a hard soap, probably the hardest I have used to date.  I had to spend a little time loading my Semogue 1250, but I was expecting that.  I probably could have used a little more product during the load as I had little left for my final touch-up pass.  Thankfully, I didn’t need much touching up after the good shave this Feather blade gave me on the second try.  I was able to achieve a passable face lather, but with a little more product I bet it could have been better.

The scent of Pre de Provance is on the mild side.  It was somewhat sweet to start with a floral touch, then it shifted into a mild soapy scent to finish.  The scent faded rather quickly post shave as I prefer.  I’m looking forward to trying this soap again and putting a little more time an attention into loading the brush.  Overall, this was a good shave.


Shave Rating System

Closeness = 4

Irritation = 3

Wounds = 4

Overall = 3.6 Pretty good shave

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