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Palmolive Shave Stick – No Dishpan Hands

Pre-shave Thoughts:

Continuing on my journey with shave sticks, I reached for the Palmolive Classic Shave Stick this morning.  Now I must confess that I really had only ever heard of Palmolive dish detergent, not Palmolive Shaving products until I watched the Paul H video on YouTube depicting him using the product.  Apparently, Palmolive is a classic!  Who knew?  After jumping in head first with La Toja shave stick yesterday, I had to give the Palmolive soap a shot.



Edwin Jagger DE89 Kelvin Safety Razor

Personna Lab Blue Razor Blade (4th shave)

Palmolive Classic Shave Stick

Semogue 1250 Boar Brush

Nivea Original Post Shave Balm


Post-shave Thoughts:

What a great, clean shave!  Palmolive shave stick has a great lather.  I took the advice of a mate on Twitter named Str8razors to add a bit of the soap to my brush by using it like a “mini puck.”  It worked!  I still did rub the moistened soap stick on my face like I did the La Toja shave stick, but I also swirled my Semogue 1250 a few time around the top of my “mini puck” to load the soap onto the brush.  Then I went into my usual face lather with spectacular results.  Palmolive gives a thick, creamy lather that is incredibly slick.  The scent is quite mild.  Right off the soap stick it has a clean, fresh soapy fragrance.  The scent dissipated quickly as I began to lather and there was no lingering smell to mingle with my post shave products, as I prefer.

I finished my shave with two passes, one with the whisker growth and one across the stubble.  Then I did quite a bit of touching up to achieve a close and clean shave.  This was my fourth shave on the Personna Lab Blue blade and I think that might be one too far for me.  Next time I will limit the shave count to 3 as the Personna did not quite have the perceived cutting smoothness as it did for shaves 1-3.

I have no nicks or weepers to patch-up and I think that is attributable to the really amazing slickness of the Palmolive and my improving technique.  I really liked the Palmolive shave stick experience and will be using it in future shaves.  The Palmolive left my face feeling supple and moist, but I did finish things off with a touch of Nivea Original Post Shave Balm for the extra protection (it’s -9 degrees out there!) and nice clean scent it holds through the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 5

Overall – 4.67  One of my best rated shaves yet!

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