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Cold River Soap Works Citrus – OJ Crush

Pre-shave Thoughts:

After a very clean and classic shave yesterday, I want to liven things up a bit this morning with an invigorating spicy citrus shave.  I’ve chosen a few products that pair well together, and I’m excited to try a new razor handle that I recently picked-up.  My face feels taught and stubbly, with one day of growth and slightly on the dry side.  I’m looking forward to an energizing shave.



Parker 24c Open Comb Razor Head with a Maggard Razors MR5 Stainless Steel Handle

Polsilver Super Iridium Blade

Cold River Soap Works Citrus Select Shave Soap

Vie-Long Peleon 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave Splash


Post-shave Thoughts:

OK.  If a shave can energize you, then I’m energized.  My shave began by swirling the Vie-Long Peleon horse hair brush that had been soaking for about 10 minutes in hot tap water on a fresh puck of Cold River Soap Works Citrus shaving soap.  The horse hair brush did not have the backbone that my boar brushes exhibit nor is it as dense, but I was able to easily load the Cold River soap onto the brush with little effort.  After about 10 seconds of loading, the brush showed a thick, pasty build-up of Cold River soap between the hairs, and the loading resulted in little foam on the puck.  I lightly wet my post-showered face and began the face lather.  Taking my time whipping up the lather paid off.  The Cold River soap peaked with a couple dips of my brush into a pool of hot tap water resulting in a creamy, thick lather both on my face and in the brush.

I completed my typical two pass shave, one pass with the grain of the stubble, then one pass across the whisker growth pattern.  The Parker 24c/Maggard MR5 hybrid razor floated on a stout cushion of slick Cold River lather and gave me a comfortable and close shave with the always reliable Polsilver blade.  I like the Parker 24c open comb razor head as it has always given me an efficient shave even if it is slightly bulky.  I swapped out the long handle that the Parker 24c comes with for the slightly shorter Maggard Razor MR5 stainless steel handle.  This is a unique design that is heavy and has deep, quality knurling.  I’m not used to shaving with such a heavy razor, so this was a new experience.  Finger placement was different with the Maggard MR5 as I switched back and forth between the upper most knurling and the first smooth machined dip in the handle.  The results were pleasing, and I’m looking forward to shaving with this handle more and improving my dexterity.

Throughout the shave, I kept feeling the exquisite cushion that the Cold River Soap Works lather maintained.  It’s a unique feeling to this soap, and I enjoyed it.  I had plenty of lather for the two passes and then finished with some minor touching-up with the remaining lather in my horse hair brush.  There was a substantial amount of lather in the brush, and I probably could have gotten another couple passes out of it.  I did have one weeper open up on my laryngeal prominence, not uncommon.

The scent of the Cold River Soap Works Citrus Signature Shaving Soap was grand.  It has a very strong and sweet orange fragrance that is balanced with subtle hints of lemon.  This big orange scent was prominent off the puck in the beginning and in the lather throughout the shave.  If you like a sweet orange scent, you’ve got to give this one a try.  The Cold River Citrus soap OJ scent lingered somewhat after I rinsed my face clean, and it blended well with the Captain’s Choice Bay Rum aftershave splash.  The post-shave feeling of the Cold River soap was very hydrating and healthy.  It felt like a bit of the fantastic cushion from the lather was transferred into my cheeks!

I finished the shave out with a splash of Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave.  This is one of my favorite bay rum scents.  Unlike other aftershave splashes I enjoy, the Captain’s Choice goes on smooth with a burst of cinnamon spice.  Then is slowly warms the skin and tingles as the classic herbal/laurel bay spice aroma fills the nostrils.  At the onset of application, the aftershave can feel a bit tacky.  After a few minutes of enjoying the aroma and feeling, the tackiness subsides leaving my skin feeling moisturized for the day.  The energizing feeling and aroma of this shave was a great way to start the day!


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 4

Overall – 4.33 Another good shave!

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