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Mickey Lee Soapworks – Kraken Released

Pre-shave Thoughts:

Yesterday’s Bay Rum Voyage shave was so enjoyable, I think I’m going to go for another “classic” fragrance shave this morning.  I’ve reached for Micky Lee Soapworks – The Kraken which is based on a classic barbershop scent.  I didn’t sleep so well last night, and I feel a bit on the dehydrated side.  My face feels OK, and I have no healing wounds or chap to mention.  Let’s give this shave a go.


The Shave:

Pre-shave:  Hot shower

Razor:  Merkur 42c 1904 Classic Straight Bar Safety Razor

Blade:  Voskhod Teflon Coated Razor Blade 

Soap:  Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken Shaving Soap

Brush:  Semogue Owners Club Cherry Wood Handle Boar Brush

Post-shave:  Stirling Soap Company Sharp Dressed Man Aftershave Splash


Post-shave Thoughts:

Yet another classic shave.  Loading the Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken soap onto my Semogue Owners Club boar brush was a simple task as the Mickey Lee Soapworks soap is fairly soft.  I enjoyed the blue ultramarine swirls in the soap and couldn’t decide whether it looked like the Kraken’s tentacles or ocean waves.  Lot’s go with the beast’s tentacles.  With a good thick paste built into the bristle of my Semogue Owners Club brush, I be to face lather.  Almost immediately I felt the nourishing characteristics of this soap.  Building a voluminous, creamy lather was straight forward and with a couple dips of my brush into a pool of hot tap water, the face lather was complete.  I had plenty of lather left on my brush for subsequent passes and it lasted the whole shave through with remarkable consistency of performance.

The lovely detailed Merkur 42c 1904 straight bar razor paired well with this classic barbershop shave.  I really do enjoy the dexterity of the handle.  It seems the perfect size and weight for a daily shave.  This was the third shave with the Voskhod blade with very similar results to the last couple shaves, comfortable, but average sharpness.  I could feel the blade tug the slightest on patches where my beard is most dense.  This tells me it’s time for a change.  It’s typical of me to change most blades after the third shave.  Even with a dulling, mediocre blade, the razor glided well for two passes and some touching-up on the Mickey Lee Soapworks soap.  The cushion and feel was top-tier in regards to other artisan soaps I have tried.

The scent of the Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken is a classic barbershop, but with a twist.  The artisan has developed the barbershop scent to include a more airy, ocean fragrance.  Off the puck, the Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken smelled much like a fresh load of laundry.  I was definitely picking up on the airy scent.  As I built the lather, and throughout the shave, the scent grew to include a kind of ocean mineral aroma in addition to the classic barbershop fragrance.  It’s a great modern interpretation of a classic.  I really enjoyed the Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken performance and their fresh take the scent.

The Kraken left my face feeling soft and supple in the post shave, likely due to the tallow component to the soap.  I finished the shave with a splash of Stirling Soap Company’s Sharp Dressed Man.  Another classic scent that blended well with the barbershop-esque style of the Kraken.  I liked that the Stirling aftershave splash didn’t burn much.  Rather, it warmed my face as I felt my skin tighten.  There was an initial burst of a strong alcohol fragrance that subsided after about a minute.  The Stirling splash left my face feeling taught yet pleasantly soft.  I enjoy the Sharp Dressed Man scent from time-to-time, although I can find it a little to floral and powdery.  This time, it was a great compliment to the Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kraken scent.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 4

Wounds – 5

Overall – 4.33  Another classic shave!  Mickey Lee Soapworks is an easy addition to the ever growing list of artisan soapmakers creating fantastic products.

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