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RazoRock XX – Mediterranean Delight

Pre-shave Thoughts:

After a relatively rough shave yesterday, I think I’m going to reach for an old reliable this morning.  I recently pick-up the aftershave to complement RazoRock XX shaving soap and feel confident choosing this pair for my shave today.  RazoRock XX is one of my favorite scents from RazoRock, and their soap has always given me decent shaves.  My face is feeling healthy with minor tenderness to my usually sensitive neck region.  I’m ready for a shave.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Double Open Comb Safety Razor     

Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Blade   

Soap:  RazoRock XX Artisan Shaving Soap    

Brush:  Omega #S10065 S-Brush Synthetic Boar Bristle

Finish:  RazoRock XX Aftershave Slash 


Post-shave Thoughts:

That was a regenerating shave.  Loading with the moist Omega S-Brush was a breeze from the dry RazoRock XX puck.  After 10-15 seconds of swirling, a thick paste had formed between the synthetic fibers.  I coated my damp, freshly showered face paintbrush-style with the soapy paste. Then, I began whipping up a face lather.  After some easy swirling and a couple of dips of the S-Brush into the hot water reserve, I had a respectable lather my face over and plenty left in the brush for the entire shave.  The Omega S-Brush is rapidly becoming one of my favorites due to it’s ease of loading and lathering.  I’ll have to try it with my surprisingly stubborn Ginger’s Garden soap that I struggled with recently.

This morning I tried something new with my shave pass strategy.  I completed the typical three pass shave, one pass with the growth of the stubble, then two passes across the whisker pattern in opposing directions.  Instead of touching up, I decide on a fourth pass.  Paying no attention to my whisker growth patterning, I simply shaved straight up my face from the bottom of my neck to the tops of my cheeks.  While this worked well in accomplishing a very close shave in portions of my face, it did leave a little to be desired in many other areas.  I probably would have been better off sticking to the touch-up or at least touching-up after this forth pass.  Lesson learned.

The Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Double Open Comb Razor is growing on me.  This is my fourth shave experience using it, and I learn a little something new each time.  While the PAA Double Open Comb is a mild shaving razor needing three passes to accomplish a shave to my typical standards, it glides nearly effortlessly with every stroke.  It is a slick shaving and nimble razor that cuts without resistance on the fairly dense RazoRock XX lather.  Paired with a blade on the sharper end of the spectrum like the Polsilver Super Iridium, I’m able to accomplish a very close and smooth shave with the lightest touch.  The razor is lighter than many of my other options, yet I do not find that to be a detriment to its ability.  I appreciate the short, well-knurled handle as it suits my shaving style that requires a dexterous razor while maneuvering across and into the various nooks and crannies of my face.  The RazoRock XX lather provided a solid and slick barrier for the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Double Open Comb Razorto work on and the lather performed without a hitch throughout this longer four pass shave.

RazoRock XX is one of my favorite scent offerings from RazoRock.  While this is a complex scent with many different components interacting all at once, I was able to pick up a light fruity citrus note off the puck with ease.  As I built the face lather, and throughout the shave, the scent grew to include green vegetal notes of basil and lilac.  During my final rinse, I splashed a bit of warm water on the residual lather left on my face resulting in another shift in the fragrance to included a rich and warm juniper resin scent.  The scent strength of the RazoRock XX soap is moderate and balanced, staying with me after the final rinse.  RazoRock XX provided pleasurable aromatic experience to say the least.

I finished the shave by applying a slash of RazoRock XX aftershave.  Upon initial application there was a brief alcohol scent and sting that quickly blended with the soothing and cooling menthol sensation.  As the spalsh began to dry, I could pick up the RazoRock XX scent aroma that I know and love.  The scent from the aftershave is initially strong, but moderates with time to appropriate levels.  About 10 minutes after rubbing the splash in, my face felt soft and supple.  I was regenerated and ready for the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 4

Overall – 4.33  A delightful and refreshing shave.  I really enjoy the RazoRock XX scent.

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