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Barrister & Mann Seville – Naturally Clean

Pre-shave Thoughts:

I was considering an April Fool’s joke shave this morning, but decided that was for amateur pranksters.  Kind of like Saint Patrick’s Day being amateur night for drinkers.  Anywho, I’m reaching for some shave products I know and love, including Barrister & Mann Seville and Folsom & Co. Black Powder.  My face feels quite healthy and shave-ready.  This give this all-star shave a go.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor:  ikon Razors #102 ShaveCraft Slant Head on a Weber Razor Bulldog Stainless Steel Handle        

Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blade     

Soap:  Barrister & Mann Seville Tallow Shaving Soap        

Brush:  Plisson La Maison du Barbier Synthetic 

Finish:  Folsom & Company Black Powder Aftershave Splash   


Post-shave Thoughts:

What a naturally clean and nourishing shave.  Loading with the damp Plisson La Maison du Barbier brush from the dry and relatively hard Barrister & Mann Seville puck was as easy as loading a softer soap.  After 10 seconds of swirling the soft Plisson brush, plenty of pasty goodness had loaded between the synthetic fibers.  I wet my freshly showered face, and gave a few excellent Plisson paintbrush-style strokes to coat.  Then, I began the face lather.  The Plisson La Maison du Barbier brush bottoms out very easily if you push with too much pressure onto your face.  A delicate touch is necessary to get the most out of each swirl of the the luxuriously soft knot.  I really do enjoy the delicate face feel of this brush.  After about a minute of swirling and several dips of the brush tips into the hot tap water reserve, a very slick, rich, and nourishing lather covered my face and brush.  I find that it is relatively easy to whip up a dense Barrister & Mann Seville lather, but you need just a bit more water and time swirling to elicit that telltale lather sheen that ensures a top-tier razor glide.

I completed my typical three pass shave, one pass with the stubble growth, then two subsequent passes across the whisker pattern in opposing directions.  In between passes, my face felt so nourished and slick.  I felt like I could shave just with the Barrister & Mann lather water rinse.  The iKon #102 Slant Head glided effortlessly on top of the super slick Barrister & Mann Seville protective lather barrier.  I appreciate the comfortable and efficient shave that the iKon #102 Slant provides especially when paired with a premium blade like the exquisite Polsilver Super Iridium.  I get perfectly close and smooth shaves with this combo even though I have to take a little more time manipulating under the nose area for the somewhat bulky head.  The Weber Bulldog Stainless Steel handle is the best handle I have used so far with the iKon #102.  It is the proper dimension and weight for a nimble and authoritative shave.  The deep knurling provides a faultless grip even when my fingers are coated with slick Barrister & Mann lather water.  Plus, I appreciate that the Weber Bulldog stainless steel handle is crafted in the USA.  I only wish Weber Razors was still manufacturing their stainless steel razor heads.

The scent of Barrister & Mann Seville off the puck is mild and pleasant.  It is billed as a barbershop scent, but I really didn’t get much of that.  Rather, I could pick-up slight hints of lavender and rosemary mixed with a touch of earl grey tea.  As I built the lather, and throughout the shave, I noticed hints of natural scents of the tallow, lanolin, and shea butter components of the Barrister & Mann Seville formula.  I appreciated the light fragrance notes mixed with the natural aroma of the soap.  To me, it felt quite clean without any heavy obvious fragrances weighing down the scent experience.

After the final rinse, my face felt so soft and supple.  The post-shave feel of Barrister & Mann Seville is second to none.  As such, I finished the shave with an lighter aftershave splash that does not contain any aloe or glycerin component.  Folsom & Company Black Powder upon initial application provided an quick alcohol-filled burn that cooled to a long lasting soothing menthol sensation.  During the dry-down, the lovely Black Powder fragrance came forth with a bright spicy cardamom scent that smoothed to a clean lavender and bergamot aroma, blending nicely with the Barrister & Mann Seville cleanness.  My face was tight, nourished, and smooth, ready for the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 4

Overall – 4.33  A nourishing, clean shave!

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  1. Erik April 2, 2015 at 18:52 - Reply

    Where did you acquire that brush, can’t seem to find it outside of Europe.

    • Oliver Scarcliff April 3, 2015 at 04:32 - Reply

      Hi Erik. Thank you for reading. The only place I know of to purchase the brush is from the French Plisson website. There is a link to the product page in the post.

  2. Erik April 3, 2015 at 13:43 - Reply

    Thanks will look that up, give Mystic Waters soap a try. I think you will find it as slick at MDC and C&S but at 1/3 the price.

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