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RazoRock Don Marco – Sweet Orange

Pre-shave Thoughts:

Continuing to work my way through a stash of products that I recently discovered, I’m reaching for RazoRock Don Marco shaving soap and aftershave this morning.  If these are anything like other RazoRock products I’ve used, I’m in for a good shave.  My face is feeling rather dry this morning but is otherwise healthy and shave-ready.  Let’s give this RazoRock Don Marco shave a go.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor:   iKon Razors Shave Craft #102 Slant Head on a Weber Razor Bulldog Stainless Steel Handle        

Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue Razor Blade     

Soap:   RazoRock Don Marco Italian Shaving Soap Vegan Formula       

Brush:  Omega #80056 Green Handle Boar Bristle   

Finish:  RazoRock Don Marco Aftershave Splash       


Post-shave Thoughts:

That was a good, sweet shave.  I used the Omega #80056 boar this morning due to its Italian heritage.  It was one of my first shaving brushes and is broken-in just right.  Loading with the damp (soaked for about 10-15 minutes in hot tap water) Omega #80056 went as expected from the dry and relatively soft RazoRock Don Marco puck.  After 10 seconds of rapid swirling, I had plenty of paste build-up between the bristle and some puck foam around the container.  I applied the puck foam to my freshly showered and damp face, then gave a few paintbrush-style strokes to coat. Then, I began the swirling face lather.  I’ve been shaving with synthetic fiber brushes for awhile recently, and there certainly is a difference in the amount of pressure needed work the boar bristle brush.  While the Omega #80056 is well broken-in, I could feel the pleasant scrubbiness of the bristle that is missing from most synthetic fiber brushes I have used.  I also appreciate the smaller knot size of the Omega #80056 as I was able to dexterously work the lather into all my facial nooks and crannies.  After a bit of swirling and a couple dips of the brush tips into my hot tap water reserve, I had whipped-up a good RazoRock Don Marco lather that was adequately dense and slick.

I completed my typical three pass shave, one pass with the stubble growth, then two subsequent passes across the whisker pattern in opposing directions.  The RazoRock Don Marco lather provided pretty good slickness and plenty of protection of the comfortable and efficient iKon Razors #102 slant head to glide over.  The iKon #102 paired with the hefty and finely knurled Weber Bulldog handle was a joy to use.  Along with the above average sharp and smooth slicing Gillette Silver Blue blade, I achieved a close, comfortable, and irritation free shave.  In between passes, the RazoRock Don Marco lather left a great slickness behind making my skin feel soft and supple.  I was required to go back to the puck for more product to lather my third and final pass which is no big deal.  I do not think this has anything to do with the ability to lather RazoRock Don Marco shaving soap.  Rather, I think it speaks to the fact that I find boar bristle brushes often need a little more product than synthetic fiber brushes to achieve the same quality lather.  This is something I did not take into account while initially loading.  If I would have loaded a bit more product from the onset, I likely would not have needed more in the end.  After the final rinse, my face felt relatively soft with a good post-shave feel.

The scent of RazoRock Don Marco shaving soap off the puck is a strong and sweet orange.  During the lather and throughout the shave, the scent remained strong and sugary.  I did pick up a slight floral scent late in the second pass, but the sweet orange citrus aroma was predominate.  I found RazoRock Don Marco to be fairly one dimensional in that what you smell from the beginning holds true for the entire shave.  What you smell is what you get, and there was definitely no groping around to figure out the scent profile.

I finished the shave with a splash of RazoRock Don Marco aftershave.  Upon initial application, I felt a light alcohol sting that evolved into a more cooling and soothing menthol burn.  I felt the alcohol/menthol component was balanced just right to be soothing rather than extremely burning or overpowering.  During the dry down after the alcohol and menthol fumes faded, I picked up a more floral, honeysuckle scent mixed with the sweet orange aroma that was slightly different from the shaving soap.  I think I like the RazoRock Don Marco aftershave scent a bit more than the soap as I typically enjoy florals.  The soothing feeling lasted for a few minutes and, by the end of the sensation, the aroma had shifted to the more soap like strong, sugary orange scent.  My face felt soft and ready for the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 4

Overall – 4.33  A sweet and comfortable shave!

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  1. Geoff April 8, 2015 at 09:22 - Reply

    Thanks for the review. I haven’t tried any Razorock soaps yet, but may have to. I enjoy my ikon 102 slant along with the Gillette Silver Blue blades. I also like pairing the Astra premium blades with the ikon 102.

    • Oliver Scarcliff April 8, 2015 at 10:25 - Reply

      RazoRock makes some high value soaps. They are worth a shot if they make a scent that appeals to you. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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