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Edwin Jagger Kelvin – Safety Razor Insights


The Edwin Jagger Kelvin double edge safety razor is a newer razor in the Edwin Jagger line that is an Amazon.com exclusive.  The razor features the same straight bar razor head found on all Edwin Jagger razors including the DE89 series.  The handle is a special design differing from other Edwin Jagger handles by being shorter and having a machined knurling.  Like other Edwin Jagger razors, the Kelvin is manufactured in the Edwin Jagger Sheffield, England factory.


The Edwin Jagger Kelvin Shave

Edwin Jagger Kelvin, www.anthronicle.comThe Edwin Jagger DE89 series of razors is well known in the wet shaving community for being a quality razor that provides a good shave.  This is what initially drew me to the Edwin Jagger Kelvin as one of my first new DE razors.  Out of all the razors in my shave den, I’ve perhaps shaved the most with the Edwin Jagger Kelvin.  I tend to reach for it when I am shaving daily, seven days a week.

The Edwin Jagger razor head is often described in the wet shaving community as providing a mild shave.  My experience has been somewhat different.  I routinely achieve very close, irritation free shaves with the Edwin Jagger Kelvin when using a standard two or three pass shave strategy.  In my experience with milder razors, I often am required to traverse the same patch of whiskers several more times than I would in a standard shave.  This can lead to irritation or even razor burn without even achieving a close shave.  I think this is where the Edwin Jagger razor head shines.  It feels gentle on the skin similar to more mild razors, yet shaves stubble with similar efficiency to more aggressive designs with greater blade exposure.  I achieve outstanding shaves with this razor head when pairing it with high quality double edge blades like Feather, Polsilver, Personna, Crystal, and Gillette Blacks.

I appreciate the handle design of the Edwin Jagger Kelvin.  It is fairly shorter in length than every other Edwin Jagger model and measures in at about 7.5 centimeters.  During my shaves, I find the shorter handle length to allow for better dexterity compared with longer handled razors.  I can easily flip the razor back and forth in my hand as I change sides of my face allowing for a quicker shave.  The machined knurling on the handle gives plenty of grip even when my hand has a bit of lather or slick shave water on it.

Edwin Jagger Kelvin, www.anthronicle.comWhile the handle is on the thicker side, the weight of the Edwin Jagger Kelvin is less than many others of similar size weighing approximately 60 grams. The handle girth fits my medium-sized hands well, but the razor is light enough to be maneuvered quickly and accurately.

Currently, very thick and heavy razor handles are popular in certain corners of the wet shaving community.  I’ve tried a few, and I simple don’t care for most of them.  They feel off balance in my hand.  Alternatively, the Edwin Jagger Kelvin is razor head heavy rather than carrying the weight in the handle.  I prefer the weight to be accented in the razor head as I think it results in a more effortless shave and reduces the desire to add pressure during the stroke.

Lastly, I must mention the razor finish.  The chrome plating on the zinc/aluminum head and alloy handle is second to none.  It is accomplished without blemish in all areas.  The finish has held up well in my extended use and is showing zero signs of wear.  I appreciate the Edwin Jagger Kelvin aesthetics and the flawless, gleaming finish adds to the enjoyment of my shaves.


Competitive Options and Value

Merkur 42c, Merkur 34c HD, Edwin Jagger Kelvin, Maggard Razors MR1

There are a lot of safety razors out there, but few compare to what Edwin Jagger offers at a similar value.  I’ve chosen three razors that are similar in cost (within ~$10) and provide somewhat similar, quality shaves.  The Merkur 42c (far left) is a three piece razor that utilizes the Merkur Classic head and provides a great shave if not somewhat on the mild side.  I appreciate the throwback handle styling as well.  The Merkur 34c HD (second from left) is a heftier two piece design that gives a slightly more aggressive shave.  It is one of my favorites, and I reach for it often.  The Maggard Razors MR1 (far right) is a three piece razor that includes a fantastic stainless steel handle.  It is a heavier razor, but shaves on par with the Edwin Jagger Kelvin.  A lot more could be said about these razors, and they will likely be featured in upcoming Insights articles.

While value is a relatively subjective concept that will vary from person to person, I place the Edwin Jagger Kelvin in the high-value category.  That means I feel like I received a lot of razor for the price I paid.  The ergonomically dexterous design of the razor, the brilliant finishing, and consistently close, irritation free shave results all go into my “value calculations.”  Additionally, I value that the razor is manufactured in the UK and is part of the legendary Sheffield cutlery lineage.  At the time of this writing, the Edwin Jagger Kelvin can be had for between $25-$35.  The price seems to fluctuate daily, likely as a result of demand.


Final Remarks

I thoroughly enjoy shaving with my Edwin Jagger Kelvin.  With the Kelvin, I routinely achieve close shaves without any razor burn or nicks.  I think for the cost, I received a beautiful, well-crafted razor that gives a great shave.  While Edwin Jagger razors are often recommended as “beginner” razors, I think their utility extends far beyond simply a starter razor.  In fact, I think the Edwin Jagger Kelvin is an outstanding razor for anyone, wet shaving novice to master.

Edwin Jagger Kelvin, www.anthronicle.com

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  1. Andrew May 10, 2015 at 09:27 - Reply

    Fail to understand why companies such as Edwin Jagger & Merkur don’t offer an all Stainless Steel model or two. Surely it would be profitable for them?

    • Oliver Scarcliff May 10, 2015 at 09:39 - Reply

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Andrew! I certainly would be interested in stainless steel razor models. My guess is that manufacturing in stainless would significantly increase cost and, in turn, the price of the razor. I suppose the higher price may make the stainless model only interesting to a small, niche segment of wet shavers and may or may not be profitable. Who knows? Maybe we will see stainless steel models brought to market in the future as interest in traditional wet shaving continues to grow…

  2. Pete May 12, 2015 at 07:35 - Reply

    One of my first razors was a DE89, a really great razor to learn with. If the Kelvin is anything like it it’s a quality razor rivaling more expensive models! Great review!

    • Oliver Scarcliff May 12, 2015 at 07:53 - Reply

      Indeed. I think the difference between the Kelvin and other DE89 models is the handle. The razor head is identical among the line. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Mr. R October 29, 2015 at 09:18 - Reply

    I bought an Edwin Jagger Kelvin from Amazon after reading this review. Amazing razor for the price. Thanks for your honest and accurate review!

    • Oliver Scarcliff October 29, 2015 at 10:47 - Reply

      Thanks for reading! I’m happy that you found our article useful. You can’t go wrong with the Kelvin. I hope you have some great shaves with your new razor!

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