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Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil Cream – Cake

Pre-shave Thoughts:

For this morning’s shave, I’m reaching deep into the den for a shave cream that I used back when I was first getting started wet shaving, then forgot about for some reason.  That’s right, the much beloved brand, Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil cream is dusted off and ready for a shave.  I’m pairing the Trumper Coconut Oil Cream with the venerable Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Bay Rum aftershave/cologne for a spicy and nourishing finish.  Let’s give Trumper Coconut Oil Cream a go.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor:  Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Double Open Comb (Phoenix DOC) Safety Razor 

Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Double Edge Razor Blade    

Soap:   Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil Shaving Cream

Brush:  Plisson Synthetic Fiber (L’Occitane original) Shaving Brush  

Finish:  Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Bay Rum Aftershave & Cologne       


Post-shave Thoughts:

That shave will do.  As with most creams in a tube, I squeezed an almond-sized amount of Trumper Coconut Oil cream into the center of the damp Plisson synthetic brush, then began swirling on my freshly showered and wet face.  Building a lather with the Plisson and Trumper Coconut Oil cream combo was fast and efficient.  The Trumper Coconut Oil cream whipped up to a slick, middling density lather in about ten seconds with just one dip of the Plisson fiber tips into the hot water reserve.  The Trumper Coconut Oil cream didn’t seem to want too much water as I felt it begin to run towards the base of my neck where water tends to accumulate.  Swirling-up the loose foam into the Plisson brush took care of any runny lather.  The Trumper Coconut Oil cream was very quick to lather, even if the resulting lather was mediocre in quality compared with other shaving soaps I shave with regularly.

I completed my standard two pass shave, one pass straight down my face, then one pass straight up from neck to cheek.  I rounded-out the shave with a bit of freestyle touching-up.  The Phoenix DOC performed with gentle precision paired with the top tier Polsilver Super Iridium blade.  I’ve got to hand it to Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements for bringing to market an improved, vintage razor design that really sets itself apart from the safety razor herd.  The Phoenix DOC breaks out of the mild/aggressive false dichotomy into a position of its own.  The Phoenix DOC glided with ease atop the adequately slick, but foamy Trumper Coconut Oil shaving cream lather.  While I could feel the “rake-like” touch of the open comb on my face, the efficient whisker destruction of the Phoenix DOC design resulted in a comfortable and close shave.  I quite enjoy the audible feedback that the Phoenix DOC provided letting me know stubble was falling even with the gentlest of touches.  The Phoenix DOC demonstrates that there is no need to remove several layers of epidermis to get a close shave.  As I rinsed off the final residual Trumper Coconut Oil lather, my face felt rather dry.  The nourishment-wanting, post-shave face feel was quite unlike most of my shaves with quality shave soaps.  Not a good sensation.

The scent of Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil cream out of the tube was quite sweet and one dimensional.  As the lather foamed-up, the scent strengthened with a heavy dose of artificial sweetness.  I can’t quite draw out what the artificial sweetness consists of, but I can say it is certainly unpleasant.  As I was shaving, I kept asking myself “where’s the coconut?”  I had hopes that Trumper Coconut Oil cream would have the scent of coconut oil much like I am used to cooking with.  Unfortunately, I did not pick-up on these natural coconut scents.  Rather, I can best describe the Trumper Coconut Oil shaving cream scent as akin to yellow sheet cake with a thick layer a white icing, maybe with some candied coconut flakes on top.  Barf.  Honestly, it makes my teeth hurt and stomach turn just thinking about it.  Thankfully, the artificially sweet scent subsided rapidly as I rinsed my face free of the cream after I finished with the shave.

I topped this shave off with what is one of my most favorite traditional scents, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement’s Bay Rum.  With a fair dose in my palms, I splashed on the PAA Bay Rum and my face instantly felt a soothing burn that quickly warmed to a dulling tingle.  The spicy aroma of cinnamon/allspice, some sweet orange, and a touch of vanilla filled my nostrils as the alcohol burn subsided.  I appreciate that PAA develops aftershaves that are more than simply fragranced alcohol.  Most Phoenix aftershaves include skin nourishing ingredients like aloe, glycerine, rose water, and alum.  After a drying shave from the Trumper Coconut Oil cream, the PAA Bay Rum is exactly what my face needed.  In the five minute or so dry down, my face went from uncomfortably dry to supple, nourished, and protected.  As with all PAA aftershave/cologne, the scent has all day staying power that lasts.  My shave was redeemed, and I was ready for the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 5

Overall – 4.66  An acceptable shave with good final results.


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  1. ShavEzy October 28, 2015 at 06:41 - Reply

    I love the smell of the coconut ones when my hubby shaves.

    • Oliver Scarcliff October 29, 2015 at 10:53 - Reply

      Thanks for reading and for your comment. While I do like some coconut scented options out there, PAA Coconut Bay rings a bell, this Trumpers scent was just not for me. Thankfully there are so many options for wet shavers out there now that we can pick and choose whatever we like!

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