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Country Club Fern – Sweet Greens

Pre-shave Thoughts:

This morning I’m excited to shave with a newcomer to my shave den, Country Club for Men Fern tallow shaving soap.  This will be my fourth shave with Country Club Fern.  All of my experiences with it thus far have been solid.  So, this shave should be an enjoyable one.  My face is feeling firm and healthy, maybe slightly dry with three day’s of whisker growth.  Let’s give Country Club Fern a go.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor:  Merkur 34c HD Safety Razor   

Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Double Edge Razor Blade    

Soap:  Country Club for Men Fern Tallow Shave Soap*      

Brush:  Plisson (1st Generation L’Occitane) Synthetic Shaving Brush  

Finish:  Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements FU Fougere Aftershave & Cologne       


Post-shave Thoughts:

Another enjoyable, solid shave.  The slightly damp Plisson synthetic brush loaded with ease, as usual, from the relatively soft Country Club Fern soap.  After about 10 seconds of vigorous swirling, a copious amount of soapy paste built between the fibers with a fair amount of foam build-up around the container.  I applied the ample puck foam to my moist and freshly showered face, then gave the Plisson a few paintbrush-style strokes to coat.  After approximately 30 seconds of working the soap paste with swirling strokes upon my face and a couple of dips of the Plisson fiber tips into the hot tap water reserve, a solid lather sprung forth.  Country Club Fern produced a fairly dense, very slick lather in no time that was easy to whip-up.  I did notice that while Country Club Fern could take on some water, I had to be mindful of how much I added in the process as I’ve had issues during previous shaves with loose lather structure, likely the result of my foolhardy attempts at adding too much water to the mix.

I completed a standard two pass shave, one pass straight down my face from cheek to neck, then a subsequent pass straight up my face from neck to cheek.  I finished the shave off with a free-sytle lap to pick up any strays.  The Merkur 34c smartly sliced whisker stubble and glided efficiently atop the Country Club Fern lather.  Paired with the first-rate Polsiver Super Iridium blade, I really could not ask for much else from a razor and blade combo.  The reliably good results I achieve with the Merkur 34c make it a regular go to in my shave den.  The Country Club Fern lather preformed quite well allowing for an irritation and wound free shave.  The volume and density of the Country Club Fern lather seemed to be just right.  In-between passes, there was a fair amount of  residual slickness while the face feel was nourishing and comfortable.  The Country Club Fern lather rinsed cleanly away during the final rinse leaving my face feeling healthy and supple.

The scent of Country Club Fern out of the container boomed as soon as I unscrewed the lid.  I immediately was caught up in a burst of rather sweet, green vegetal notes that only strengthened as I built the lather and shaved.  With the lather on my face during the shave, the Country Club Fern scent evolved to include deeper hints of sandalwood and cardamom, both adding to the sweetness along with the already strong, bright green components.  Country Club Fern is a robust scent that was over sweet for my fragrance tastes. Additionally, I felt that the scent was more feminine in nature.  The Country Club Fern fragrance would perhaps be a better fit in Grandma’s boudoir.

I finished the shave off with a healthy application of Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements FU Fougere aftershave/cologne.  After the quick initial bracing alcohol sensation, FU soothed my face with a cooling dry down.  The FU Fougere scent is deep and rich with luscious floral notes atop a solid resinous base of evergreen and earth.  I felt it blended well with the Country Club Fern fragrance if not over powering it to my delight.  I appreciate the additional components to PAA FU aftershave that nourish and enrich the skin which include alum, lavender hydrosols, glycerin, and aloe.  Theses additions set PAA above and apart from the pack of mere scented alcohol formulas.  With that, my face felt healthy and excellent.  I was ready for the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 5

Overall – 4.67  A high performing shave.


*Many thanks to Country Club for Men and The Shave Market, the premier wet shaving Facebook group, for providing Country Club Fern Tallow Shave Soap in a pass-around for trials.  

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