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Pinaud Clubman – Original Class

Pre-shave Thoughts:

Today’s shave is destine to be a classic.  A few months ago I pre-ordered a puck of the new Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap, and I recently received it in the post.  I’ve had about a half dozen shaves with the Pinaud Clubman soap since getting my hands on it, and I’ve been rather pleased.  This morning I’m pairing it with my favorite aftershave from Pinaud Clubman, Classic Vanilla.  This should make for a great shave.  Let’s give Pinaud Clubman’s new shave soap a go.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor:  Merkur 42c “1904” Straight Bar Safety Razor

Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Double Edge Razor Blade    

Soap:   Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap

Brush:  Muhle Silvertip Fibre Synthetic Classic 21mm Ivory Resin Handled Shaving Brush  

Finish:  Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla Aftershave Lotion       


Post-shave Thoughts:

That was one of the slickest shaves I’ve had in some time.  Loading with the damp Muhle Silver Tip Fibre brush out of the minuscule Pinaud Clubman container was easy enough.  I rarely discuss packaging in Shave Experience articles mainly because I find most packaging boringly adequate.  The Pinaud Clubman shave soap container is similar in it’s standard plastic, screw-top design, but it is rather small.  It’s even smaller than the Edwin Jagger pucks I’ve used which is about as small as I like to go.  I can almost fit the Pinaud Clubman container inside the Edwin Jagger container.  It’s that small.  I was able to load alright out of it, but it did feel cramped as I was banging my brush around to get a decent load.  A solution would be to scoop out a bit and bowl lather.  The Pinaud Clubman shave soap is quite soft and a fair amount of foam built-up and overflowed the wee container as I loaded the brush.  I scooped up the abundant puck foam and slathered it on my face, gave a few paintbrush-style strokes of the brush to coat, then began a face lather. With a few swirls and some dips of the Silvertip Fibre tips into the hot water reserve, a dense, voluminous lather burst forth from the loose foam on my face.  No joking, the lather seemed to burst forth with little to no effort.  I continued to add water and the Pinaud Clubman lather continued to grow.  I can safely say that very little product is necessary to achieve an abundant lather.  The Muhle Silver Tip Fibre brush also played a part as the brush lathers everything quite well. I noticed that the Pinaud Clubman lather accepted a fair amount of water in the mix and created an incredibly slick surface to shave on.

I completed a standard two pass shave, one pass straight down my face and one pass straight up from neck to cheek.  I finished the shave out with a freestyle touch-up pass to cut down any straggling stubble.  The classic Merkur 42c razor paired with the top-tier Polsilver blade shaved smartly.  I enjoyed the classic handle design of the Merkur and the razor head design always provides for a comfortable, close shave especially with the ever sharp and smooth Polsilver double edge blade.  The Pinaud Clubman lather performed quite well as it was extremely slick and protective.  A good amount of residual slickness remained after strokes and between passes, and there were no irritations or wounds to report.  The Pinaud Clubman lather rinsed clean after the touch-up pass and left my face feeling moisturized and nourished with a healthy post-shave face feel.

The scent of Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap off the diminutive puck is mild but present.  It’s a clean, soapy scent to start that grew as I built and warmed the lather.  During the shave the scent remained on the mild side, but was pleasant if not a little underwhelming.  I was unable to put my finger on the exact components of the underlying faint aroma of the Pinaud Clubman shave soap, but I did compare it with a number of Pinaud Clubman aftershaves.  The fragrance seems to be a part of most of their aftershave products meaning that it would pair well with any number of the Pinaud Clubman offerings.  The shave soap scent does not include the heavy and sweet oakmoss scent of the Clubman original that is a standard in the wet shave community.  To sum, the Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap is mild and clean, and I think it would be a fine match for just about any aftershave product.

I finished this shave off with a healthy dose of Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla Aftershave Lotion.  Upon initial application I felt the skin tightening alcohol sting that quickly evolved into a soothing warmth after about 20 seconds.  As the alcohol scent faded during the dry down, the classic  sweetgrass, tonka bean fragrance came to the forefront with subtle vanilla-like whiffs to follow leaving my face feeling soft and nourished.  Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla is my favorite of the Pinaud line and was a great match with the new Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap.  With that, my face was feeling healthy and ready for the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 5

Overall – 4.66  An exquisitely slick shave!


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