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DeLuxe Lime Forest – Juniper Zest

Pre-shave Thoughts:

I’m reaching for DeLuxe Shaving Co. Lime Forest Shaving Cream for this morning’s shave.  I’ve shared in a previous Shave Experience that I quite enjoyed Deluxe Midnight Garden, and I’m expecting a similar top tier performance today.  My face is feeling good and healthy with three days of whisker growth. Let’s see what Deluxe Lime Forest is all about.


The Shave:

Preparation:  Hot shower

Razor:  Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond (DE3D14) Double Edge Safety Razor   

Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blade    

Soap:  DeLuxe Shaving Co. Lime Forest Shaving Cream*      

Brush:  Muhle Rytmo Black Fibre Synthetic Shaving Brush  

Finish:  Captain’s Choice North Aftershave    


Post-shave Thoughts:

Another outstanding shave from DeLuxe Shaving Co.  Loading with the elegant Muhle Rytmo Black Fiber brush from the dry, moderately soft DeLuxe Lime Forest puck was without complication. After approximately ten seconds of swirling the damp Muhle brush, a thick, dense paste built-up between the Black Fibres with a moderate amount of puck foam clinging to the plastic container.  I applied the loose puck foam to my moist and freshly showered face, then began the face lather with a few paint brush style strokes to coat.  After roughly 30 seconds of brush swirling, a voluminous, slick DeLuxe Lime Forest lather built to my shaving standards.  Similar to the DeLuxe Midnight Garden experience, the DeLuxe Lime Forest shaving cream took on a substantial amount of water and exhibited a hydrating glisten when the lather became shave ready.  I truly enjoyed the substantial heft of the distinctive Muhle Rytmo brush handle and the Black Fibre synthetic knot excels in all brush strokes equating to a superior lather whip.  While the market is currently flooded with Chinese synthetic knots, some of which are quite nice performers, Muhle got it right some time ago with their exquisite, German Made, Black Fibre synthetic knot.

I completed my standard two pass shave, one pass straight down my face, then a subsequent pass straight up from neck to cheek.  I rounded out the shave with a bit of freestyle touching-up to slay any left behind whisker stubble in areas where my beard grows erratically.  The exceptional Edwin Jagger DE3D14 razor shaved smartly, as usual, paired with the first rate Polsilver Super Iridium blade.  I routinely achieve, close, comfortable, irritation-free shaves with the Edwin Jagger 3D razor and reach for it as often as I use the Edwin Jagger Kelvin.  I find the the Polsilver blade provides for superior shaves when utilized with any of my safety razors making the slightly higher cost and sometimes lesser availability easier to stomach.  The DeLuxe Lime Forest lather performed admirably with a high amount of slickness and very solid density for the Edwin Jagger razor to glide atop.  After initial razor strokes and in-between passes, the DeLuxe Lime Forest lather left ample residual slickness and kept my face feeling hydrated and protected.  After the final rinse, my face felt a bit tacky, but still healthy and nourished.  I experienced similar lather lingering tackiness post rinse with DeLuxe Midnight Garden as well.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does give a heavier feel to the post shave which some my enjoy.

The scent of DeLuxe Lime Forest off the puck is strong with a bright lime citrus aroma and green juniper fragrance.  As I built the lather and throughout the shave, the scent evolved to include an earthy, herbal thyme scent that became quite bold as the shave progressed.  The thyme scent helped filled-out and ground the effulgent DeLuxe Lime Forest fragrance, but I did feel like it was a bit too robust times.  I quite enjoyed the invigorating resinous juniper notes as opposed to some juniper scents that are more of the aromatic wood,  musky cedar chest variety.  I think the tangy lime notes augmented the clean, refreshing characteristics of the DeLuxe Lime Forest fragrance and are much prefered to the sweet citrus scents often smelled in lesser shave soaps and household cleaning products.  In sum, the DeLuxe Lime Forest scent is an enjoyable, exhilarating take on the classic evergreen fragrance and much welcomed in gloomy, winter months.

I finished this shave off with a healthy dose of Captain’s Choice North aftershave splash.  Upon initial application, I reveled in the intense alcohol burn that quickly subsided to a soothing warmth as a delightfully fresh juniper berry aroma filled my nostrils.  After a few minutes of dry down, the spicier side of Captain’s Choice North reveals itself and pleasantly lingered for an hour or so with a subtle note of vanilla to round out the scent experience.  I felt like Captain’s Choice North aftershave was a grand paring with the DeLuxe Lime Forest shaving cream.  With that, I was ready to face the day.


Shave Rating System

Closeness – 4

Irritation – 5

Wounds – 5

Overall – 4.66  A quality shave and exhilarating scent experience!


*Disclaimer –  DeLuxe Shaving Co. contacted to offer their product for review.  After agreeing to the Product Acceptance Policy, DeLuxe Shaving Co. provided a sampling of their products to including the Lime Forest Shaving Cream featured in this Shave Experience article.

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  1. Danny Gruber December 11, 2015 at 11:37 - Reply

    I’ve been meaning to try DeLuxe’s shaving soap. This seals the deal. Thanks for the article, great as always.

    • Oliver Scarcliff December 11, 2015 at 12:20 - Reply

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Let us know what scent you decide on!

  2. PaulyG December 11, 2015 at 12:25 - Reply

    Is this more like a cream or a soap? I’ve heard it’s like a mix.

    • Oliver Scarcliff December 11, 2015 at 12:30 - Reply

      While it’s labeled a cream, I’d say it’s more attune to a soap in performance, face feel, brush loading, etc. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Reginald Curtswold December 11, 2015 at 14:43 - Reply

    I approve of your hardware selections and enjoy these notes. How long would you estimate the scent lasts after you have completed your shave?

    • Oliver Scarcliff December 11, 2015 at 16:48 - Reply

      We appreciate your approval, Reginald. Thanks for reading. The scent from the DeLuxe soap dissipates rather quickly after the rinse. As for the CC North aftershave, I’d say you get a couple hours out of it then it fades to only be perceptible to those within intimate proximity.

  4. Old Red Beard December 11, 2015 at 19:01 - Reply

    How do you like the scent of the Captain’s Choice North Aftershave? Any notes to compare with other aftershaves you have liked?

    • Oliver Scarcliff December 11, 2015 at 19:55 - Reply

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I really enjoy Captain’s Choice North aftershave. It’s a great spicy, juniper berry scent with a touch of vanilla. I think it actually has a bit of clove as well. I typically do not care for clove oil, but in this instance works quite well. Captain’s Choice Bay Rum is one of my favorites and is the base for their range. I really appreciate their Cat O’Nine Tails as well. It’s their strongest scent, bay rum turned up to 11. I think they produce a cleaner scented bay rum that stays true to the caribbean roots. Their whole line is great and is worth looking closer at if you are in the market for a spicy, bay rum scent. Hope this helps, and thanks again for reading.

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