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Announcing our Shaving Headlines Service

Shaving Headlines Service

With our recent release of the Shaving Blog Directory, we decided to craft a page where the latest headlines from these listings would be aggregated for all to access in one simple place.  This new feature we are calling the Shaving Headlines Service.  The page pulls the most recent headlines published from the websites listed in our directory ordered by the date of publication with links to the source website and the recently published article.  The page will update at frequent, regular intervals to ensure users are seeing the latest shaving headlines.

We’ve been beta testing this feature for several weeks now and think that we have most of the kinks worked out.  Of course, the shaving headlines service is only as good as the quality of the RSS feeds in which it aggregates.  These feeds are configured by the source website owners and operators of which we have no control over.  As such, the grammatical errors, formatting issues, etc. are solely the responsibility of the publishing authors/sources.  Additionally, the Shaving Headlines Service runs on JavaScript.  So, to use this page your browser must be configured properly and it should be unless you are running various ad blocking or no script plugins, or have for some reason decided to disable java.

We are happy to share with our readers our new Shaving Headlines Service which can be accessed from the navigation menu by clicking on HEADLINES.  Enjoy browsing all the latest wet shaving news all in one place.

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