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Beau Brummell for Men – Dandy Shave

Beau Brummell for Men – Dandy Shave

Pre-shave Thoughts

I usually start my Shave Experiences with a nice hot shower to begin to prep my face for a close shave.  Today is no different.  I’ve been using the Jack Black facial cleanser for awhile now and it rivals my old standby, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel.  Like Kiehl’s, the Jack Black cleanses without over drying my face.  It removes any oily build-up from my whiskers, has a clean, light mint fragrance, and just feels great on my face in the shower.  A little goes a long way as the 6 oz. tube seems to be lasting forever.  The Jack Black cleanser does a exemplary job preparing my face for a shave with zero drawbacks.

For approximately a month, I’ve been shaving exclusively with Beau Brummell for Men Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream and pure badger Shaving Brush.  I was contacted by the company back in January and gladly accepted their offer to send the cream and brush my way for review.  Check out their company page here.  I felt today was a good day to share my findings with fellow wet shavers.  Upon exiting the shower, my face feels healthy, clean, and hydrated, primed for a solid shave.  Let’s give Beau Brummell for Men a go.

Shave Components

Below is a summary list of the components used in today’s Shave Experience.  If you are considering purchasing any of the items that I’m using in today’s shave, these links will direct you to the best deals I’ve found for them.  This is also a great way to support our work here at Anthronicle as we receive a commission for purchases made through the links below.

The Lathering

The Beau Brummell for Men Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream comes in a black, screw-top, plastic container with an elegantly clean label featuring the Beau Brummell silhouette.  Interestingly, Beau Brummell is a 19th Century historical figure that is attributed with ushering in the men’s tailored suit, a shift from the overly ornate men’s fashions of the day.  This subdued, tasteful Beau Brummell for Men container and label match and would likely be appreciated by the man himself.  The back label provides a brief product description and contact information.  The plastic container comes enclosed in a paper box where the ingredient list can be found.

Unlike most shaving creams I’ve used in the past, Beau Brummel for Men Shaving Cream’s ingredient list is fairly short and includes a variety of oils such as, argan, baobab, lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood.  The cream is very high in glycerin as well.  It has quite a soft consistency and a pearly, off white color.

The scent of Beau Brummell for Men Shaving Cream out of the tub was mild and clean with a light nutty fragrance and a touch of lavender.  Loading the damp Beau Brummell pure badger shaving brush was a breeze with just a single draw stroke across the container picking up plenty of soft cream for a solid lather.

While the brush shedded quite a few hairs for nearly two weeks worth of shaves when I first started using it, the shedding has ceased as the brush hasn’t lost a hair since.  This seems normal for brushes in this price bracket.  The knot is dense and firm enough to face lather, but also excels at bowl lathering.  The pure badger tips are somewhat course offering an invigorating, scrubby face lathering experience.

I enjoy the pure badger face feel and think that every wet shaving enthusiast should have a pure badger brush in their shave den.  Had the Beau Brummell pure badger shaving brush been around when I started wet shaving, I would have likely chosen it over any of the cheap, entry-level badgers currently on the market.  I prefer its black resin, goblet-shaped handle and above average knot density.  It’s a superior black badger brush at it’s price point.  After applying a touch of water to my freshly showered face, I settled in for a bold, pure badger face lather.

I began with a few swirls under my chin and around my neck to get the lather started, then shifted to a few paintbrush-style strokes to spread the cream evenly across my cheeks.  The Beau Brummel Shaving Cream lathers quickly paired with their badger brush, but required a bit more water to get the the consistency that I prefer.  I tend to start thick, then add water as I go rather than starting with a soggy brush as I think it gives me a bit more control on the product-to-water ratio.  I dipped the pure badger tips lightly into my hot water reserve, then continued with a vigorous swirl for about 10 seconds resulting in a very slick, dense, and creamy shave lather.

The scent of Beau Brummell for Men during the face lathering process is mild and enjoyable.  The heat of the water in the badger brush brought out a touch of light sandalwood which I found pleasant.  The Beau Brummell pure badger brush felt firm and a bit scrubby to the skin and transferred the lather well from brush to face.  I often enjoy the firmer face feel the pure badger offers, and it really easily whips up a solid, shavable lather.

The Shave

I rarely require more than a two pass shave with one pass straight down my face, then one straight up from neck to cheekbone.  I rounded out the shave with a bit of freestyle touching up to cut down the stray whisker.  The Edwin Jagger Kelvin razor is an outstanding razor and performed well with the Astra Superior Platinum workhorse blade.  I find Astra Platinums to be one of the best blades for the buck offering both a sharp and smooth shaving experience.  The Edwin Jagger Kelvin is one of my favorites in the EJ range as it has a shorter handle that allows for ease in mobility paired with the standard DE89 razor head that is both gentle and efficient.  The Kelvin glided smoothly through the fluffy and slick Beau Brummell lather which stayed in place and provided good protection during the shave.

In-between passes and after the initial razor stroke, the Beau Brummell lather left my face feeling nourished with a little bit of residual slickness.  I tended not to use much buffing strokes or go back over previous shaved areas of skin without a fresh lather application.  This seems normal for pretty much all creams I have experienced.  That said, the initial pass of the razor glided effortlessly on the very slick Beau Brummell shave cream likely due to copious amounts of glycerin in the formula.   In-between passes, my skin felt soft and remained shave ready.  When re-lathering, I enjoyed giving the Beau Brummel pure badger brush a few more swirls as its firmness provided an invigorating experience.

The Beau Brummell scent remained mild yet detectable during the shave.  It’s a muted, clean fragrance that just smells good without being too strong in any one facet.  I noted a lavender top with a mild touch of sandalwood aroma throughout the entire process.  It’s a fine blend that is suited for nearly all shavers and will not offend even the most scent sensitive among us.   Overall, the Beau Brummell Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream scent during the shave was light and enjoyable.

The Rinse

My face rinsed clean after two passes and some touch-up work.  I had achieved a good close shave with no wounds to report.  The Beau Brummell lather rinsed free leaving my face feeling moisturized and supple.  This stands out to me as most of my cream experiences have left my facial skin dry and wanting of moisture.  The mild scent completely dissipated with the rinse allowing for an easy transition to an after shave fragrance.  The post-shave skin feel is notable and rivals any cream I’ve experienced to date, even from the legendary, if not a bit long in the tooth, euro brands.  Thinking ahead to the finish, I did not feel it necessary to add any additional moisturizing products to the shave experience.

The Finish

I finished this shave off with bold dose of Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic and noticed that I’m getting to the end of the bottle as it’s a standard in my shave den.  I appreciate the easy to use reducer that allows just the right mount into my hand.  Upon application, I felt a soothing coolness as a mild tangy citrus scent filled my nostrils.  The scent quickly fades and after about a minute or so the dry down begins to tighten-up the skin.  It’s a soothing, yet energizing experience that is unique to Lucky Tiger.  It’s right there with the Thayer’s line-up in my estimation.  With that, my face felt clean, tight, and soft, ready to take on the day.

Post-shave Thoughts

I’ve rather enjoyed my month spent shaving with the Beau Brummell Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream and Brush.  The cream performs better than most others I have experienced providing for a slick shave and a supple post-shave skin feel.  While I generally prefer shaving soaps to creams, I will definitely be reaching for this Beau Brummell cream in the future.  The pure black badger Beau Brummell Shaving Brush whips-up a respectable lather with ease and offers a firm face feel and typical pure badger scrub.  I think it’s one of the best entry level pure badger brushes on the market at its price point, and it far exceeds similar popular offerings due to its quality resin handle and above average knot density.  Thank you to Beau Brummell for Men for reaching out and allowing us to experience what they offer the wet shaver.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know your experiences with Beau Brummell for Men products or any other products we used in today’s Shave Experience.

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