Citrus Shave Experience Archive

Welcome to our Citrus Shave Experience Archive.  Featured here are all our shave experiences categorized as Citrus.  So whether it’s orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine or some other citrus scent, you can find our shaving experience with it here.

Our favorite and most popular citrus shave experiences are: Cold River Bergamot & Bay – Magnifique, Cheshire and Black Powder – The English Way, RazoRock Don Marco – Sweet Orange, The Edwin Jagger Experience, and Barrister & Mann Fireside – The Lemmy.

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Cheshire & Black Powder – The English Way

Pre-shave Thoughts: After the invigorating OJ shave yesterday, I'm going to try for a refined experience with today's shave.  I've chosen a few American artisan products that should pair well together to cultivate the continental touch I'm after.  My face feels unusually coarse this morning for only one day worth of whisker growth.  The skin feels a touch on the dry side and could use some nourishment. Products: Razor:  Merkur 37c Slant Bar Safety Razor Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blade Soap:  Barrister & Mann Cheshire Tallow Shaving Soap Brush: [...]

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Cold River Soap Works Citrus – OJ Crush

Pre-shave Thoughts: After a very clean and classic shave yesterday, I want to liven things up a bit this morning with an invigorating spicy citrus shave.  I've chosen a few products that pair well together, and I'm excited to try a new razor handle that I recently picked-up.  My face feels taught and stubbly, with one day of growth and slightly on the dry side.  I'm looking forward to an energizing shave.   Products: Parker 24c Open Comb Razor Head with a Maggard Razors MR5 [...]

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Stirling Soap Co. Bonaparte – Royal Shave

Pre-shave Thoughts: After the past week of using various shave sticks including La Toja, Palmolive, Speick, and Arko, it feels good to come back to an artisan soap puck.  I prefer the use of the puck to load my shaving brush rather than the stick.  This brisk and snowy morning, I reached for a puck of the Stirling Soap Company's Bonaparte, a complex, rich-scented, tallow-based soap.  I've heard a variety of opinions on Stirling Soap Co. from glowing reviews to individual dislikes.  It's time to form [...]

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