Soap Commander Passion – Aromatic Wood

Soap Commander Passion Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave is an old classic to me.  I've been enjoying Soap Commander Passion shaving soap for awhile now.  In fact, it was one of the first artisan shaving soaps that I picked up when I was first getting started with exploring DE shaving.  It's about time a write a Shave Experience about it.  My face is feeling healthy and taut, this morning, ready for a good shave.  Let's give Soap Commander Passion a go. The Shave: [...]

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Shaving Soap Ingredients – Lather Insights

Shaving Soap Ingredients Often when we are making the decision to purchase a new shaving soap, we tend take a look at the shaving soap ingredients list for a better understanding of soap composition.  Of course, we've also picked-up plenty of soaps without much scrutinizing over the ingredients.  We're suckers for cool labels and hype!  Nevertheless, we've often come across shaving soap ingredients that are foreign to us.  We tend to write down those shaving soap ingredients and, when time permits, do a little [...]

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Barrister and Mann Fireside – The Lemmy

Barrister and Mann Fireside Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave features the 2015 winter seasonal shaving soap, Barrister and Mann Fireside. We've been shaving with Barrister and Mann Fireside since it was first released at the end of last year and felt it was time to share our experience.  This iteration of Fireside is formulated with the new Glissant soap base that is an exciting new offering in the Barrister and Mann line.  They have brought a couple of soaps to market so far with the Glissant [...]

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Body Shop Maca Root – Fierce Shave

Body Shop Maca Root Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning I'm reaching for an old staple in my shave den, The Body Shop Maca Root shave cream and aftershave balm.  Both the shave cream and aftershave balm include the interesting maca root ingredient that is beloved by native populations living in the peruvian Andes and also by many practitioners of new age healing arts worldwide.  From what I read on the Internet, maca root is claimed to treat and sometimes cure just about anything from anemia and [...]

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Phoenix Tea Party 508 – Sweet Tobacco Tea

Pre-shave Thoughts: The new year has, among other things, brought with it an inspiration to explore some wet shaving scents that deviate from my known array of favorable themes.  One of these scents is tobacco.  Scent descriptions which include tobacco for some reason have just never really caught my interest. Furthermore, I do not find cigarette, cigar, pipe, or any other form of tobacco plant that I have had the opportunity to smell all that appealing.  So, I've decided to ease my way into tobacco [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions We routinely receive an abundance of comments, questions, fan mail, hate mail, and various other notes through our Contact Page.  We enjoy these communications and appreciate all the people that take the time to contact us.  We make it a point to answer everyone individually.  However, at times the deluge of messages can be rather overwhelming, and we inevitably fall behind.  Thus, we have compiled a FAQ Page of answers to the most frequently asked questions to help satisfy our curious readers [...]

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2015 Wet Shaving Accolades

2015 Wet Shaving Accolades 2015 was a year of exploration for us here at  We reveled in the wet shaving renaissance and took joy in experiencing the wide variety of product from both emerging and established artisans and manufacturers.  While we struggle at times to choose favorites simply because we appreciate different products for different reasons, certain products rose to a point of distinction for us.  These products established the baseline and elevated each shave experience. The products featured below differentiated themselves for one reason [...]

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Dr. Jon’s Krampus – Holiday Cheer?

Pre-shave Thoughts: Today's shave features a seasonal soap and aftershave pairing from Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. dubbed Krampus.  I always look forward to seasonal, limited edition artisan releases and picked up Dr. Jon's Krampus for my Christmas, general holiday, earlier winter soap and aftershave this year.  Plus, I'm sucker for traditional myths with provocative histories and was further lured in by the exceptional label illustration by Jason Kincaid.  Bravo on the marketing.  My face feels good and healthy this morning with about three day's [...]

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DeLuxe Lime Forest – Juniper Zest

Pre-shave Thoughts: I'm reaching for DeLuxe Shaving Co. Lime Forest Shaving Cream for this morning's shave.  I've shared in a previous Shave Experience that I quite enjoyed Deluxe Midnight Garden, and I'm expecting a similar top tier performance today.  My face is feeling good and healthy with three days of whisker growth. Let’s see what Deluxe Lime Forest is all about.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond (DE3D14) Double Edge Safety Razor    Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blade     Soap:  DeLuxe Shaving [...]

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