Aqua Velva and Williams Mug Giveaway Winners

Thank You & Congratulations Thank you to everyone that participated in the Aqua Velva and Williams Mug Giveaway.  We had over 600 entries from around the globe.  Also, a special thanks to Combe, Inc., the makers of Aqua Velva and Williams Mug, for supplying the product for this giveaway. Congratulations to the winners.  Your prize packages have been shipped. The winners are: Jeffrey A. - Lithia, FL Rafael P. - Milwaukee, WI Parker W. - Arlington, TX Ryan B. - Big Rock, TN We hope you enjoy [...]

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GIVEAWAY – Aqua Velva and Williams Mug

Aqua Velva and Williams Mug Giveaway - After our last Shave Experience article featuring Aqua Velva and Williams Mug, Combe (the parent company of Aqua Velva and Williams Mug) was kind enough to send over some samples to share with fellow wet shavers and Anthronicle readers.  So, we've decided to launch a Gleam giveaway that will run through the end of the month. One lucky winner will receive a full-size Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1 After Shave Balm and two pucks of Williams [...]

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Williams Mug and Aqua Velva – A Classic Shaving Duo

Williams Mug and Aqua Velva - A Classic Shaving Duo Pre-shave Thoughts For many years, I've seen Williams Mug Shaving Soap on the local grocery store shelf and mostly dismissed it as an antiquated relic of the past.  Not until my journey into the depths of wetshaving did I give Williams Mug an honest look.  In preparation for this classic shave, I've enjoyed a cleansing hot shower with the venerable Jack Black cleanser which does a fantastic job preparing my face for a shave.  I [...]

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Parker 87R – Safety Razor Insights

Overview Parker has been manufacturing safety razors since the 1970s, and a variety of their razors are fairly well-respected in the wet shaving community. The Parker 87R double edge safety razor is a newer razor in the Parker range as it was introduced in 2016.  The razor features a twist-to-open razor head found on many Parker safety razors  post-2010 and a chrome plated, all brass construction.  The handle is particularly stout, offering a spiral knurling that is well-textured for grip and quite appealing to the eye.  Like other Parker razors, the [...]

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Beau Brummell for Men – Dandy Shave

Beau Brummell for Men - Dandy Shave Pre-shave Thoughts I usually start my Shave Experiences with a nice hot shower to begin to prep my face for a close shave.  Today is no different.  I've been using the Jack Black facial cleanser for awhile now and it rivals my old standby, Kiehl's Facial Fuel.  Like Kiehl's, the Jack Black cleanses without over drying my face.  It removes any oily build-up from my whiskers, has a clean, light mint fragrance, and just feels great [...]

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Crown King Scuttle – Lather Insights

The Crown King Scuttle Overview The Crown King Scuttle is a chambered, porcelain vessel with a textured interior that aids in lather production.  The general concept is that the lower chamber can be filled with hot tap water, then the shaver can bowl lather as they would normally in the top chamber of the scuttle resulting in warm lather for the shave.  Another use is as a brush scuttle, a device used to store the brush in between shaving passes that keeps [...]

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Stirling Scots Pine – Sheep Shave

Stirling Scots Pine Sheep Shave Pre-shave Thoughts After a bit of spring cleaning at Anthronicle with several new features added to the site including our Shaving Soap Ingredients archive, Shave Blog Directory, and Shaving Headlines Service, I am excited to be back to working on Shave Experience articles.  I've reached for Stirling Soap Company Scots Pine Sheep Shave Soap to feature in today's shave along with a series of other fine components that should make for a solid outcome. During my pre-shave [...]

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Announcing our Shaving Headlines Service

Shaving Headlines Service With our recent release of the Shaving Blog Directory, we decided to craft a page where the latest headlines from these listings would be aggregated for all to access in one simple place.  This new feature we are calling the Shaving Headlines Service.  The page pulls the most recent headlines published from the websites listed in our directory ordered by the date of publication with links to the source website and the recently published article.  The page will update at frequent, regular intervals [...]

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Shaving Blog Directory

Shaving Blog Directory We've been on a mission to discover websites writing about wet shaving.  The end game was to compile a register of every shaving blog on the web.  Our results thus far are cataloged below in our Shaving Blog Directory.  This listing includes the website title with a link to each shaving blog we have identified.   To best represent what each shaving blog creator's vision is for their work, we included a brief description taken from each website's tagline and/or about page.  We've [...]

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