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We’ve been on a mission to discover websites writing about wet shaving.  The end game was to compile a register of every shaving blog on the web.  Our results thus far are cataloged below in our Shaving Blog Directory.  This listing includes the website title with a link to each shaving blog we have identified.   To best represent what each shaving blog creator’s vision is for their work, we included a brief description taken from each website’s tagline and/or about page.  We’ve made no attempts to judge content quality or any other characteristic of the websites listed herein.  The only criterion for directory inclusion is that the website must have a blog section or category entirely dedicated to a wet shaving topic.  If you run (or know of) a website that is writing about wet shaving and want be included in our Shaving Blog Directory, please get in touch through our Contact Page.

All shaving blog websites included in our directory are also featured in our Shaving Headlines service where readers can access the most recent stories from every shaving blog on the web all in one place.  Enjoy exploring our wet shaving world!

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