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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Anthronicle.  We make a limited number of advertising and promotional opportunities available to individuals and companies that we think our unique audience would benefit from knowing more about.  Please see the information below regarding site traffic, audience demographics, advertisement and promotion options, and pricing.  For any questions or to set-up advertising, please use our Contact Page or email us at

Site Traffic

As of 2017, Anthronicle receives over 30,000 visitors monthly.  During the past six months our readership has grown dramatically, and we are happy to be experiencing a rapid rise in visitors and page views with each passing month.  As interest in classic shaving and men’s grooming builds, Anthronicle readership continues to drastically increase.  Our readers spend an average of 7 minutes on site per visit, consuming approximately 8 pages per reading session.  This level of reader engagement results in a very low bounce rate, averaging 5%.  Anthronicle visitors spend time reading and digesting our premium content to make informed decisions on their next shaving purchase.

Current Advertisement and Promotion Options

Premium Banner Sidebar or in-content Advertisement
Banner advertisements within specific articles or on our sidebar begin at $100 for a 30-day run.  Discounts available for longer durations.

Feature Product in Content
Featuring your product in Anthronicle content is perhaps the best way for our readers to learn more about what your brand has to offer.  If you are a shaving product manufacturer/artisan and are interested in submitting your creation for inclusion in Anthronicle content, then please familiarize yourself with our Product Acceptance Policy. If you stand behind your product and agree to our policy, then please contact us for shipping information. We would be delighted to take a closer look at your product and potentially feature it in an upcoming article.

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