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Frequently Asked Questions

We routinely receive an abundance of comments, questions, fan mail, hate mail, and various other notes through our Contact Page.  We enjoy these communications and appreciate all the people that take the time to contact us.  We make it a point to answer everyone individually.  However, at times the deluge of messages can be rather overwhelming, and we inevitably fall behind.  Thus, we have compiled the list below of answers to the most frequently asked questions to help satisfy our curious readers and fellow wet shaving aficionados.  We encourage our readers to continue to utilize our Contact Page and share whatever is on their minds in the Comments section below our published articles where particular products are discussed.  We’ll continue to respond appropriately.  The following FAQ list will be updated as necessity dictates.

1. What is Anthronicle.com?

Please read our About Page for details concerning the overarching premise of the site and specifics on the various sections contained within.  We also encourage you to continue reading these FAQs to learn more, and browse the site at your leisure to determine what Anthronicle means to you.

2.  How frequently do you publish?

We currently try to provide new content regularly on Anthronicle, when inspired by a new, unique, or otherwise interesting wet shaving products.  We are also regularly active (nearly daily) on our various social media accounts.

3.  What makes you an “expert”?

Rather than “experts”, we consider ourselves enthusiasts or aficionados.  Anthronicle was founded out of our passion for and enjoyment of wet shaving. We let our body of work speak for itself.  Please take from it as much or as little as you deem worthy.

4.  What is the best way to find content on Anthronicle.com?

If you are interested in finding information on a specific product or artisan/manufacturer, then we suggest you utilize the Search Box feature near the top of all our pages or by clicking on the hand lens in the menu bar.  If you are more interested in browsing, then there is a drop down menu in the Shave Experiences category of the menu bar that groups similar types of experiences.  Additionally, the drop down menu under Insights in the menu bar categorizes the different articles filed there.  Lastly, our Gallery is a panel of our Instagram feed that is browseable through Anthronicle.com, the Headlines tab links to an up-to-date list of all the latest headlines from around the world of wet shaving, and the Directory tab will take you to an ever growing list of shaving related blogs.  Explore to your heart’s content!

5.  Is Anthronicle.com run by a specific artisan, manufacturer, or vendor?

Anthronicle is entirely independent.  We are not owned or operated by any artisan, manufacturer, or vendor.

6.  I’m associated with Company X.  Can we pay you to publish our content on Anthronicle.com?

No, we do not publish paid or sponsored posts/articles.   All Anthronicle.com content originates solely from Anthronicle.com.   We take our reputation for genuine, authentic content seriously and our readers will never be subjected to marketing propaganda disguised as honest content.

7.  Does Anthronicle.com solicit for free products?

While it’s a known tactic of many to ask artisans, manufacturers, and vendors for free products in exchange for reviews and promotion, Anthronicle.com does not solicit for free products from anyone.   At Anthronicle.com, our content has never and will never be influenced by who agrees to sends us free product.

8.  Can I submit the product my company makes for inclusion in Anthronicle.com content?

Yes, but on certain terms.  Please review our Product Acceptance Policy.  If you agree with our policy, then please get in touch through our Contact Page.  If we receive a product from an artisan or manufacturer that has reached out to us and the product makes its way into Anthronicle.com content, then this is clearly stated in the article.

9.  I’m working on a new product/formula.  Can I send you a sample for your feedback?

Yes, you certainly can.  We routinely provide feedback directly to product developers in a discrete manner.  Please send us a message through our Contact Page to discuss further.

10.  Can my company advertise on Anthronicle.com?

We currently do offer advertising for products and services that we consider worthy of our reader’s attention.  Please visit our Advertising Page to learn more.

11.  How many times do you use a product before writing about it?

We use a product for as many times as it takes to achieve repeatable, consistent results. Then, we use it some more until we are comfortable that we have fully experienced what the product has to offer.  The number of times used varies widely from product to product.  While this trivial detail does not always make its way into our articles because we find the multitude of times a product is used mostly insignificant, rest assured that we are not simply using a product once, then publishing content about that single, unique experience.

12.  When are you going to write about (insert product here)?  I need to know what you think before I buy it.

We release content on products that we are familiar with and enjoy.  Often, it takes time to familiarize ourselves with a product in order to fully enjoy it. Because the far majority of products featured on Anthronicle.com are acquired with our own resources, we pick and choose products that suit our tastes. Our personal preferences and the timeframes we work under do not always coincide with all of our reader’s desires and expectations.  Honestly, there simply is just too much product out there for us to effectively use and write about everything.  That said, we would be much more likely to take your demands under consideration if you were a contributing supporter of Anthronicle.com.  You can become a contributing supporter through Patreon.

13.  Why don’t you write more negative reviews?  I want to know more about what you hate!

Anthronicle.com is a labor of love if nothing else.  Our readers have come to appreciate our honest experiences with products, and overall, those experiences are good ones.  Those good experiences are what drive us to continue to create and share.  If you truly are a reader of our content, then you also know that we are critical of products in areas where they earn criticism.  But, in totality, a product must have some redeeming quality for it to be included in our content.  Nevertheless, we know there are some bloodthirsty wet shavers out there.  For you we can say this:  if a product is not included in our archive of content, then it is for one of two reasons, (i.) we simply have not experienced that product yet, or (ii.) we did not like the product enough to include it.

14.  Why don’t you write more about the people of the wet shaving community?

This question usually comes in a variety of forms, e.g., “Can you believe what so and so did?“, “I read something bad about the owner of Company X on a shave forum, is it true?”, “What do you think about the drama in this or that shave group/forum?“.  This list of examples could go on and on.  It reads like the trashy headlines of the tabloids you are assaulted with while waiting in the grocery store checkout line.  We understand that different people get involved with hobbies, activities, and lifestyles for different reasons.  Sometimes it is for a social reason and that is their prerogative.  We at Anthronicle.com are involved in wet shaving for the shaving aspect first and foremost.

Furthermore, some take a “name dropping” approach with their content.  While this may be genuine, it’s a red flag for us.  We perceive this dubious tactic as a vain attempt to build authority in lieu of quality content.  At Anthronicle.com we put our content quality first and our focus on actual wet shaving.  You’ll never see an article or social media post from us stating something like, “Just got off the phone with the CEO of Gillette.  Great call!“.  It’s just not our style.

Of course, we have amicable relationships with many wet shavers, artisans, and manufacturers and enjoy creating and maintaining those relationships personally.  It is not out of the question that we may, at some point in the future, write articles about wet shaving personalities, vendors, artisans, company owners, and other wet shaving influencers.  Of course, for this to happen we would actually have to know these people as well as we know their products/content before we’d have anything of actual substance to write and share with our readers.

15.  What is your opinion of (insert non-wet shaving topic here)?

While we certainly have opinions (often strong ones) on current events, politics, religion, sports, philosophy, and a multitude of other topics, we keep them to ourselves when creating content and communicating through social media.  Afterall, Anthronicle.com is about wet shaving and that is what most of our readers visit us for.  Out of respect for our readers, we are committed to staying on topic.  This means you’ll not be subjected to our opinions on the next election planted throughout our articles. Nor will we make social media posts expressing our feelings about gun control.  You’ll simply have to look elsewhere to consume that sort of content.

16.  I don’t like/agree with what you wrote.  How can I have my opinion heard?

We understand that it’s natural and healthy for people to form different opinions about the same topic, and part of being an adult is the ability to civilly discuss those differing perspectives.  We’d like to read about your perspective and potentially learn from it.  Please familiarize yourself with our Comment Policy.  Then, feel free to post your comment in the comment section below the article that concerns you.

17.  Do you post your content on other websites, forums, or social media?

No, our content originates from and is archived solely on Anthronicle.com.  As our readers know, we take the quality and authenticity of our content seriously.  That means retaining ownership of our content.  We would never allow our content to be constrained or manipulated by the whim and often unknown interests of a 3rd party editor, forum administrator, or social media usage agreement.  Additionally, we prefer to maintain the high quality format of our content rather than having our format dictated to us by restrictive forum or social media software.  This means you will never see our written content plastered on Facebook, underneath an Instagram photo, or wedged into a stale shave forum thread.

18.  What social media do you use?

While we do not use social media to host and archive our content for a multitude of reasons, we do utilize social media as it was intended. We participate on the following social media platforms to interact with others in the wet shaving community and to get the word out when we publish new content on Anthronicle.com:





19. When are you going to start a YouTube channel?

While we sometimes get a laugh out of the antics of the wet shaving YouTube channels and a few channels are even well done and informative, the answer to this question is likely never.  We do not think that a video format is the best way to communicate the message of our content.  Perhaps if we expanded to include instructional or demonstration type content, then we would consider a video format.  That said, we would likely host our videos on Anthronicle.com rather than being subjected to YouTube/Google or any other 3rd party video hosting service’s Terms & Conditions.  No thank you.  Sorry, but this means that it is highly unlikely that you will ever get to see Oliver through a grainy, steamed lens wearing a soggy t-shirt and dragging a razor across his face in a dank bathroom while he mumbles on about his day and gazes into the ether.

20.  I enjoy consuming Anthronicle.com content and want more.  How can I show my support?

We appreciate our dedicated readers, and it is for you that we continue to create and publish content.  The best way to support Anthronicle.com is to continue to visit the site and read our content. Interact with us through Anthronicle.com and our social media accounts, e.g., thumbs-up, +1, like, heart, etc. Help us get the word out.  Subscribe to our mailing list, and share your perspective in the comments section below our articles.  We thoroughly enjoy interacting with our readers.

For those of you that would like to do more, you can support Anthronicle.com monetarily through Patreon.  We ask for a contribution of $1 a month, but you can contribute as much or as little as you deem worthy as frequently as you prefer.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and is what will ultimately keep Anthronicle.com alive.

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