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Welcome to our Insights Archive.  These articles include the author’s personal experience directly using a specific shaving item or class of products.  A product is featured and discussed at length with multiple photos to illustrate. While these articles are somewhat more review-like when compared with Shave Experience articles, they still feature the author’s direct experience rather than marketing propaganda or a sales pitch.

Some of our favorite and most popular insight articles are: Edwin Jagger Kelvin – Safety Razor Insights and Omega S-Brush – Shaving Brush Insights.

Insight articles also include reference materials like our Shaving Soap Ingredients, and our annual Accolades awards articles.

Enjoy perusing our Insight archive to learn more about improving your next shave. Feel free to leave a comment or question at the end of the article and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Also, don’t forget to share our content on your favorite social media network. Thanks for checking out Anthronicle, and we hope you have some great shaves!

Parker 87R – Safety Razor Insights

Overview Parker has been manufacturing safety razors since the 1970s, and a variety of their razors are fairly well-respected in the wet shaving community. The Parker 87R double edge safety razor is a newer razor in the Parker range as it was introduced in 2016.  The razor features a twist-to-open razor head found on many Parker safety razors  post-2010 and a chrome plated, all brass construction.  The handle is particularly stout, offering a spiral knurling that is well-textured for grip and quite appealing to the eye.  Like other Parker razors, the [...]

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Crown King Scuttle – Lather Insights

The Crown King Scuttle Overview The Crown King Scuttle is a chambered, porcelain vessel with a textured interior that aids in lather production.  The general concept is that the lower chamber can be filled with hot tap water, then the shaver can bowl lather as they would normally in the top chamber of the scuttle resulting in warm lather for the shave.  Another use is as a brush scuttle, a device used to store the brush in between shaving passes that keeps [...]

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Shaving Soap Ingredients – Lather Insights

Shaving Soap Ingredients Often when we are making the decision to purchase a new shaving soap, we tend take a look at the shaving soap ingredients list for a better understanding of soap composition.  Of course, we've also picked-up plenty of soaps without much scrutinizing over the ingredients.  We're suckers for cool labels and hype!  Nevertheless, we've often come across shaving soap ingredients that are foreign to us.  We tend to write down those shaving soap ingredients and, when time permits, do a little [...]

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2015 Wet Shaving Accolades

2015 Wet Shaving Accolades 2015 was a year of exploration for us here at  We reveled in the wet shaving renaissance and took joy in experiencing the wide variety of product from both emerging and established artisans and manufacturers.  While we struggle at times to choose favorites simply because we appreciate different products for different reasons, certain products rose to a point of distinction for us.  These products established the baseline and elevated each shave experience. The products featured below differentiated themselves for one reason [...]

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Edwin Jagger Kelvin – Safety Razor Insights

Overview The Edwin Jagger Kelvin double edge safety razor is a newer razor in the Edwin Jagger line that is an exclusive.  The razor features the same straight bar razor head found on all Edwin Jagger razors including the DE89 series.  The handle is a special design differing from other Edwin Jagger handles by being shorter and having a machined knurling.  Like other Edwin Jagger razors, the Kelvin is manufactured in the Edwin Jagger Sheffield, England factory.   The Edwin Jagger Kelvin Shave The [...]

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Omega S-Brush – Shaving Brush Insights

Insights: Insights are a new type of article on which feature a more in-depth look at the user experience of a specific shaving product.  The first installment of Insights features a relatively new player in the synthetic shaving brush field, the Omega S-Brush.  In this article, I'll provide a brief overview of the Omega S-Brush line, then detail my personal experience with four different Omega S-Brush models.   Overview: The Omega S-Brush line features the new Omega synthetic boar fiber knot on classic, established Omega [...]

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