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Welcome to our Shaving Brushes Insights archive.  These articles include the author’s personal experience directly using a specific shaving brush.  The brush is featured and discussed at length with multiple photos to illustrate. While these articles are somewhat more review-like when compared with Shave Experience articles, they still feature the author’s direct experience rather than marketing propaganda or a sales pitch.

Currently, our most popular Shaving Brushes Insights article is on the Omega S-Brush.

Enjoy perusing our Shaving Brush Insights archive to learn more about improving your next shave.  Feel free to leave a comment or question at the end of the article and we will get back to you in a timely manner.  Also, don’t forget to share our content on your favorite social media network.  Thanks for checking out Anthronicle, and we hope you have some great shaves!

Omega S-Brush – Shaving Brush Insights

Insights: Insights are a new type of article on which feature a more in-depth look at the user experience of a specific shaving product.  The first installment of Insights features a relatively new player in the synthetic shaving brush field, the Omega S-Brush.  In this article, I'll provide a brief overview of the Omega S-Brush line, then detail my personal experience with four different Omega S-Brush models.   Overview: The Omega S-Brush line features the new Omega synthetic boar fiber knot on classic, established Omega [...]

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