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Welcome to our Shave Experiences Archive.  These articles feature the whole shave experience from the preparation to the post-shave.  They are written in a lighthearted manner and share the author’s thoughts on each product as they are used and experienced.  The title of a Shave Experience article usually features a shaving soap as our shaving rituals are often heavily influenced by the performance and scent of the soap or cream used.  Other insights into razors, blades, brushes, and aftershaves are shared as they occur.  Shave Experience articles are best thought of as thorough and extended shave-of-the-day discussions rather than reviews.  That said, there is a wealth of information contained within each article that can help you make an informed decision on choosing products for your next shave.

Some of our favorite and most popular articles are: Barrister & Mann Latha – Honest Shave, WSP Gaelic Tweed – Not Garlicy at All, Caties Bubbles LPV – The Spice of Life, Pacific Shaving Co. – Caffeinated Shave, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Gondolier – Venetian Aristocracy, and The Edwin Jagger Experience.

Enjoy perusing our Shave Experiences archive to learn more about improving your next shave.  Feel free to leave a comment or question at the end of the article and we will get back to you in a timely manner.  Also, don’t forget to share our content on your favorite social media network.  Thanks for checking out Anthronicle, and we hope you have some great shaves!

Aqua Velva and Williams Mug Giveaway Winners

Thank You & Congratulations Thank you to everyone that participated in the Aqua Velva and Williams Mug Giveaway.  We had over 600 entries from around the globe.  Also, a special thanks to Combe, Inc., the makers of Aqua Velva and Williams Mug, for supplying the product for this giveaway. Congratulations to the winners.  Your prize packages have been shipped. The winners are: Jeffrey A. - Lithia, FL Rafael P. - Milwaukee, WI Parker W. - Arlington, TX Ryan B. - Big Rock, TN We hope you enjoy [...]

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GIVEAWAY – Aqua Velva and Williams Mug

Aqua Velva and Williams Mug Giveaway - After our last Shave Experience article featuring Aqua Velva and Williams Mug, Combe (the parent company of Aqua Velva and Williams Mug) was kind enough to send over some samples to share with fellow wet shavers and Anthronicle readers.  So, we've decided to launch a Gleam giveaway that will run through the end of the month. One lucky winner will receive a full-size Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1 After Shave Balm and two pucks of Williams [...]

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Williams Mug and Aqua Velva – A Classic Shaving Duo

Williams Mug and Aqua Velva - A Classic Shaving Duo Pre-shave Thoughts For many years, I've seen Williams Mug Shaving Soap on the local grocery store shelf and mostly dismissed it as an antiquated relic of the past.  Not until my journey into the depths of wetshaving did I give Williams Mug an honest look.  In preparation for this classic shave, I've enjoyed a cleansing hot shower with the venerable Jack Black cleanser which does a fantastic job preparing my face for a shave.  I [...]

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Beau Brummell for Men – Dandy Shave

Beau Brummell for Men - Dandy Shave Pre-shave Thoughts I usually start my Shave Experiences with a nice hot shower to begin to prep my face for a close shave.  Today is no different.  I've been using the Jack Black facial cleanser for awhile now and it rivals my old standby, Kiehl's Facial Fuel.  Like Kiehl's, the Jack Black cleanses without over drying my face.  It removes any oily build-up from my whiskers, has a clean, light mint fragrance, and just feels great [...]

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Stirling Scots Pine – Sheep Shave

Stirling Scots Pine Sheep Shave Pre-shave Thoughts After a bit of spring cleaning at Anthronicle with several new features added to the site including our Shaving Soap Ingredients archive, Shave Blog Directory, and Shaving Headlines Service, I am excited to be back to working on Shave Experience articles.  I've reached for Stirling Soap Company Scots Pine Sheep Shave Soap to feature in today's shave along with a series of other fine components that should make for a solid outcome. During my pre-shave [...]

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Soap Commander Passion – Aromatic Wood

Soap Commander Passion Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave is an old classic to me.  I've been enjoying Soap Commander Passion shaving soap for awhile now.  In fact, it was one of the first artisan shaving soaps that I picked up when I was first getting started with exploring DE shaving.  It's about time a write a Shave Experience about it.  My face is feeling healthy and taut, this morning, ready for a good shave.  Let's give Soap Commander Passion a go. The Shave: [...]

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Barrister and Mann Fireside – The Lemmy

Barrister and Mann Fireside Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave features the 2015 winter seasonal shaving soap, Barrister and Mann Fireside. We've been shaving with Barrister and Mann Fireside since it was first released at the end of last year and felt it was time to share our experience.  This iteration of Fireside is formulated with the new Glissant soap base that is an exciting new offering in the Barrister and Mann line.  They have brought a couple of soaps to market so far with the Glissant [...]

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Body Shop Maca Root – Fierce Shave

Body Shop Maca Root Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning I'm reaching for an old staple in my shave den, The Body Shop Maca Root shave cream and aftershave balm.  Both the shave cream and aftershave balm include the interesting maca root ingredient that is beloved by native populations living in the peruvian Andes and also by many practitioners of new age healing arts worldwide.  From what I read on the Internet, maca root is claimed to treat and sometimes cure just about anything from anemia and [...]

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Phoenix Tea Party 508 – Sweet Tobacco Tea

Pre-shave Thoughts: The new year has, among other things, brought with it an inspiration to explore some wet shaving scents that deviate from my known array of favorable themes.  One of these scents is tobacco.  Scent descriptions which include tobacco for some reason have just never really caught my interest. Furthermore, I do not find cigarette, cigar, pipe, or any other form of tobacco plant that I have had the opportunity to smell all that appealing.  So, I've decided to ease my way into tobacco [...]

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