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Welcome to our Citrus Shave Experience Archive.  Featured here are all our shave experiences categorized as Citrus.  So whether it’s orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine or some other citrus scent, you can find our shaving experience with it here.

Our favorite and most popular citrus shave experiences are: Cold River Bergamot & Bay – Magnifique, Cheshire and Black Powder – The English Way, RazoRock Don Marco – Sweet Orange, The Edwin Jagger Experience, and Barrister & Mann Fireside – The Lemmy.

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Williams Mug and Aqua Velva – A Classic Shaving Duo

Williams Mug and Aqua Velva - A Classic Shaving Duo Pre-shave Thoughts For many years, I've seen Williams Mug Shaving Soap on the local grocery store shelf and mostly dismissed it as an antiquated relic of the past.  Not until my journey into the depths of wetshaving did I give Williams Mug an honest look.  In preparation for this classic shave, I've enjoyed a cleansing hot shower with the venerable Jack Black cleanser which does a fantastic job preparing my face for a shave.  I [...]

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Barrister and Mann Fireside – The Lemmy

Barrister and Mann Fireside Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave features the 2015 winter seasonal shaving soap, Barrister and Mann Fireside. We've been shaving with Barrister and Mann Fireside since it was first released at the end of last year and felt it was time to share our experience.  This iteration of Fireside is formulated with the new Glissant soap base that is an exciting new offering in the Barrister and Mann line.  They have brought a couple of soaps to market so far with the Glissant [...]

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DeLuxe Lime Forest – Juniper Zest

Pre-shave Thoughts: I'm reaching for DeLuxe Shaving Co. Lime Forest Shaving Cream for this morning's shave.  I've shared in a previous Shave Experience that I quite enjoyed Deluxe Midnight Garden, and I'm expecting a similar top tier performance today.  My face is feeling good and healthy with three days of whisker growth. Let’s see what Deluxe Lime Forest is all about.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond (DE3D14) Double Edge Safety Razor    Blade:  Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blade     Soap:  DeLuxe Shaving [...]

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Sweet Comb Chicago – Beeswax Shave

Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave features a relatively new wetshaving artisan, Sweet Comb Chicago.  From what I read at the Sweet Comb Chicago website, their products are a labor of love for a backyard beekeeper that is doing his part to improve honey bee health and combat colony collapse disorder.  I'm excited to give Sweet Comb Chicago shaving soap a try along with a classic pairing top tier shave accoutrements. My face is feeling nourished and healthy but with a couple of nearly healed wounds from a [...]

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The Edwin Jagger Experience

Pre-shave Thoughts: After shaving with a variety of individual Edwin Jagger products paired with other manufacturers and artisans, I'm excited this morning to assemble them all together for an all-inclusive Edwin Jagger shave.  I've enjoyed each of these products in a singular fashion, so I wager that this Edwin Jagger-themed shave will have synergy, creating a great shaving experience.  Let's give these Edwin Jagger shaving tools a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower, Edwin Jagger Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion Sensitive/Normal Skin Formula Razor:  Edwin Jagger DE3D14bl [...]

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DeLuxe Midnight Garden – Floral Tart

Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave features the relatively new wet shaving company, DeLuxe Shaving Co.  I'm excited to give DeLuxe Midnight Garden shaving cream a try for the second time with an accompanying  suite of tried and true wet shaving tools.  My face is feeling healthy and taut with about two days of whisker growth ready for destruction.  Let's give DeLuxe Midnight Garden a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Muhle R41 Open Comb Safety Razor    Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blade     Soap: [...]

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RazoRock Don Marco – Sweet Orange

Pre-shave Thoughts: Continuing to work my way through a stash of products that I recently discovered, I'm reaching for RazoRock Don Marco shaving soap and aftershave this morning.  If these are anything like other RazoRock products I've used, I'm in for a good shave.  My face is feeling rather dry this morning but is otherwise healthy and shave-ready.  Let's give this RazoRock Don Marco shave a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:   iKon Razors Shave Craft #102 Slant Head on a Weber Razor [...]

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Maggard Limes & Bergamot – Simply Citrus

Pre-shave Thoughts: I awoke this morning from an uneasy night of rest.  I'm feeling like a little extra pick-me-up this morning.  So, I'm reaching for the bright and fresh Maggard Razors Limes & Bergamot shaving soap and pairing it with the always satisfying Captain's Choice Lime aftershave.  I think this will be my best bet for an eye-opening shave that I so desperately seek.  My face is feeling on the dry side and could use a little extra exfoliation.  Otherwise, my skin feels healthy and [...]

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Cold River Bergamot & Bay – Magnifique

Pre-shave Thoughts: After an enjoyable weekend visit with my brother including a wet shaving intro and a sampling of local Great Lake's fare, I'm reaching for a premium shave this morning.  I've decided to shave with Cold River Soapworks Bergamot & Bay Select Shave soap and am pairing it with Fine Accoutrements L'Orange Noir.  My face is feeling rather dry and in need of hydration.  Otherwise, there are no wounds, and it feels relatively healthy.  This should be a good shave.  Let's give it a go.   [...]

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