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Welcome to our Classics Shave Experience Archive.  Featured here are all our shave experiences categorized as Classics.  So whether it’s Arko, Mitchell’s Wool Fat, Palmolive, Proraso or some other classic product, you can find our shaving experience with it here.

Our favorite and most popular classic shave experiences are: Mitchell’s Wool Fat – Classically Slick, Proraso Green – Menthol Medicine, Palmolive Shave Stick – No Dish Pan Hands, and Pinaud Clubman – Original Class.

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Williams Mug and Aqua Velva – A Classic Shaving Duo

Williams Mug and Aqua Velva - A Classic Shaving Duo Pre-shave Thoughts For many years, I've seen Williams Mug Shaving Soap on the local grocery store shelf and mostly dismissed it as an antiquated relic of the past.  Not until my journey into the depths of wetshaving did I give Williams Mug an honest look.  In preparation for this classic shave, I've enjoyed a cleansing hot shower with the venerable Jack Black cleanser which does a fantastic job preparing my face for a shave.  I [...]

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Beau Brummell for Men – Dandy Shave

Beau Brummell for Men - Dandy Shave Pre-shave Thoughts I usually start my Shave Experiences with a nice hot shower to begin to prep my face for a close shave.  Today is no different.  I've been using the Jack Black facial cleanser for awhile now and it rivals my old standby, Kiehl's Facial Fuel.  Like Kiehl's, the Jack Black cleanses without over drying my face.  It removes any oily build-up from my whiskers, has a clean, light mint fragrance, and just feels great [...]

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Pinaud Clubman – Original Class

Pre-shave Thoughts: Today's shave is destine to be a classic.  A few months ago I pre-ordered a puck of the new Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap, and I recently received it in the post.  I've had about a half dozen shaves with the Pinaud Clubman soap since getting my hands on it, and I've been rather pleased.  This morning I'm pairing it with my favorite aftershave from Pinaud Clubman, Classic Vanilla.  This should make for a great shave.  Let's give Pinaud Clubman's new shave soap a go.   [...]

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Palmolive Cream – Classic Clean

Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning I've decided to try out a newer arrival in my shave den in the form of a shave cream.  This one is an Italian import version of Palmolive Cream, a standard shave cream for many, especially the European audience.  I must be honest that I really don't get excited for shave creams.  In my experience they come up rather short when compared to quality shaving soaps.  That said, I quite enjoy the Palmolive tallow soap shave stick that is one of my [...]

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Proraso White – Green Tea Delight

Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning I'm looking forward to a classic shave.  I've reached for the well-touted Proraso White (Oatmeal & Green Tea) shave soap and paired it with the legendary Fine Accoutrements Fresh Vetiver aftershave.  I've enjoyed Proraso products in the past, so I have a feeling this should be a good shave.  Let's give Proraso White a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Merkur Classic 1904 42c Straight Bar Safety Razor      Blade:    Feather Hi Stainless Double Edge Razor Blade    Soap:    Proraso White [...]

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Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil Cream – Cake

Pre-shave Thoughts: For this morning's shave, I'm reaching deep into the den for a shave cream that I used back when I was first getting started wet shaving, then forgot about for some reason.  That's right, the much beloved brand, Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil cream is dusted off and ready for a shave.  I'm pairing the Trumper Coconut Oil Cream with the venerable Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Bay Rum aftershave/cologne for a spicy and nourishing finish.  Let's give Trumper Coconut Oil Cream a go.   [...]

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TOBS Avocado – Musty Earth

Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning I'm reaching for the ever popular Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS) Avocado shaving cream.  Like many, this is one of the first shave creams that I started out with and, for that reason alone, I hold an affinity for TOBS Avocado.  My face is feeling great this morning, healthy and tight with a bit of sun on my cheeks.  I'm ready for a shave.  Let's give TOBS Avocado a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Merkur 15c Open [...]

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Proraso Green – Menthol Medicine

Pre-shave Thoughts: I've decided to reach for the old classic Proraso Green shaving cream for this morning's shave.  For some reason, I've failed to this point to chronicle my Proraso Green shave experience and thought today was as good as any to share.  My face is feeling healthy and hydrated with a few days whisker growth to knock down.  Let's give this shave a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Merkur 15c Open Comb Safety Razor     Blade:  Dorco ST-301 Stainless Double Edge Razor [...]

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Mitchells Wool Fat – Classically Slick

Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning I'm feeling like a classic shave.  So, I'm reaching for Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap.  My face is feeling healthy and fresh without any signs of irritation or redness.  I usually need to take a little extra time and care to get the Mitchells Wool Fat lather just right.  So, let's get this shave going.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Muhle R89 Closed Comb Safety Razor         Blade:  Feather Hi-Stainless Blade Soap:  Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap          Brush:  Muhle 33K256 [...]

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