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Welcome to our Seasonal Shave Experience Archive.  Featured here are all our shave experiences categorized as such.  This small category serves to help you find all of the limited edition, seasonal products we’ve used in our shave experience articles

Our favorite and most popular shave experiences are:  Barrister & Mann Hallows – Fear the Dark, Dr. Jon’s Krampus – Holiday Cheer?.

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Barrister and Mann Fireside – The Lemmy

Barrister and Mann Fireside Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave features the 2015 winter seasonal shaving soap, Barrister and Mann Fireside. We've been shaving with Barrister and Mann Fireside since it was first released at the end of last year and felt it was time to share our experience.  This iteration of Fireside is formulated with the new Glissant soap base that is an exciting new offering in the Barrister and Mann line.  They have brought a couple of soaps to market so far with the Glissant [...]

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Dr. Jon’s Krampus – Holiday Cheer?

Pre-shave Thoughts: Today's shave features a seasonal soap and aftershave pairing from Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. dubbed Krampus.  I always look forward to seasonal, limited edition artisan releases and picked up Dr. Jon's Krampus for my Christmas, general holiday, earlier winter soap and aftershave this year.  Plus, I'm sucker for traditional myths with provocative histories and was further lured in by the exceptional label illustration by Jason Kincaid.  Bravo on the marketing.  My face feels good and healthy this morning with about three day's [...]

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Barrister and Mann Hallows – Fear the Dark

Barrister and Mann Hallows Pre-shave Thoughts: This morning's shave is one of the more highly anticipated shaves in some time.  I was fortunate enough to acquire the seasonal release, limited edition Barrister and Mann Hallows shaving soap and aftershave set back when they went up for sale at the stroke of midnight, 23 October.  The product arrived smartly packaged just a couple of days ago with plenty of time for a proper shave before this year's Halloween.  My face is feeling healthy, nourished, and a bit [...]

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Barrister & Mann Nocturne – The Fall

Pre-shave Thoughts: I'm excited on this crisp, cool morning for an autumn shave.  There is just something special about fall that I enjoy more than any other season; the weather, the clothes, the scents, the food.  I'm not sure what it is, but I think this shaving soap and aftershave pairing of exceptional artisans should prove a perfect match.  My face is feeling healthy and taught this morning.  Let's give this fall shave a go.   The Shave: Preparation:  Hot shower Razor:  Edwin Jagger DE3D14bl Laser [...]

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